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Misplaced Priorities: What are you doing to protect your children?

A book review of Sandra Steingraber’s Raising Elijah  by Tim Wolcott

A great book is sometimes difficult to read.  However, the author often propels you along its enlightened path using earth-shaking examples that strike home.  350 more words


Dr. Betty Martini (Rebroadcast)

Dr. Betty Martini, truly the world’s most knowledgeable individual when it comes to ‘aspartame’ who has spent more than twenty five years exposing the dangers of this neurotoxin was Deanna’s guest for two hours today. 28 more words


Diner-Grade, Neurotoxic Potatoes

If you’re anything like me, seven years ago your mom sent you an article about how the eyes on potatoes can contain dangerous neurotoxins, and you’ve subconsciously avoided dealing with them ever since. 223 more words

Why We Need to be More Cautious About America’s Over-Vaccination Program

Duty to Warn

By Gary G. Kohls, MD

“PhRMA (the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America ) is quoted as saying that “the 271 vaccines in development span a wide array of diseases, and employ exciting new scientific strategies and technologies. 2,540 more words


Inert Ingredients, How the Public is kept in the Dark

Pesticide formulations include active and inert ingredients.  Inert ingredients intensify the strength and power of the other ingredients. Pesticides include herbicides, fungicides and any toxic chemical designed with the intent to kill plants, insects, and other life forms. 1,564 more words


Marijuana tainted with toxic bee killing pesticide

Medical marijuana users make sure you’re obtaining uncontaminated goods. Toxic pesticides are far too readily available, and often overused. With organophosphates this is especially disconcerting for the residual toll to the bee population and the pervasive neurotoxic effects that reach far into the human population.   211 more words