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As a mother of two, a volunteer part-time teacher at a local government school, and an author of story books for kids, I find myself invariably drawn towards and reflecting a lot on the subject of Autistic Spectrum Disorders. 2,087 more words


I'm reclaiming "crazy."

I’m so tired of crazy being used as an abelist, stigmatizing slur against me by my ex-husband.  I’m fed up of being called crazy as an insult, as an excuse for his abusive behaviour.  385 more words

Mental Health

The Parent Trap

Marriage is a funny concept when you stop to think about it. Strip away the legalities and the love, and you’re basically left with an agreement to spend the rest of your life desperately trying not to kill another human being. 992 more words



On a school day, Mummy or Daddy (or sometimes Piper) wakes me up and tells me it is time for school. I don’t like being woken up. 1,397 more words


Day 12: Drowning

In mid-March we had a warm week that got everyone jazzed about swimming!

I called for reinforcements, and headed to the pool with four kids, and Auntie L to get some energy out and break up the day. 636 more words


Adult Female Autism - All The Shit No One Talks About

***WARNING – Post contains adult information and topics******

While at Beauty School I meet an awesome lady called Crystal who owns and operates C & A Beauty By Design  2,358 more words

Book Review - The Curse of Lovely

Long before I was officially diagnosed as being Autistic with Social & Communication difficulties I started reading Self Help, Mindfulness and Communication Style books. At first I was trying to make myself less different and more like everyone else (able to read social cues, tonal inflection and body language).   893 more words