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thursday thinking after therapy

*please note that this piece is a personal experience and evaluation of my own circumstances. it is based on theories i have created, not fact.* 600 more words


Autism Jargon and “Autism Friendly” Encourage Separation, Not Inclusion

When I first heard of “Autism Friendly” theatres and events, I thought it was great. When I mentioned it to my therapist at Autistry Studios, she said she had mixed feelings about it; though it sounds great, it also segregates us. 555 more words

Autism And Sensory Issues, Sensory Soothing Supplies

I Don't

I don’t want to interact with their stupid and exhuberant neurotypical friends. That’s why I asked you not going to their boring Bar Mitzvah event. I hate talking with them, hearing about their achievements, the “Proud Parents of an Honor Student at that Snob School For Whiz Kids” sticker hey just put on their car’s rear bumper, the “Proud Parents of a wonderful life” sticker glued on their fucking ego, fuck them all! 95 more words


Secondary Primary Caregiver

Hey readers,

This week has been somewhat challenging. My son has been sick and my routine has been changed. I am autistic therefore find change difficult, not to mention long periods of time with my children is hard and mentally draining for me. 641 more words


An Ode to Uncle Larry

Here’s an ode to good old Uncle Larry.

Who’s he?

He’s a hypothetical pendant. A know-it-all. A real pain-in-the-butt. The name is a term I heard once from a prominent Twitter thinker referring to men she had encountered that had invaded her conversations in order to offer unsolicited advice and wax philosophical. 1,314 more words

Making Sense (Aspie-Vision)

It’s occurred to me that one of the challenges of advocating for those on the autism spectrum is the inability of neurotypicals to actualize the autistic other. 1,182 more words

It's difficult to be positive when you're standing on an NT rug.

This is a blog about surviving at work and being autistic (the so called ‘mild’ version) and artistic and passing as NT. Artists only sometimes get paid for what they do, though… 879 more words