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Creating versus complaining...

A month or so ago I attended a behavior analysis conference for work. It was a 2 day event with presentations from various researchers, students, professors, scientists, and ABA providers. 412 more words


An Asperger's Epiphany!

Yesterday, I experienced a profound revelation about myself and why conversation can be so difficult, and it came from an allistic. 1,827 more words


Ultimate Mythbuster.

An aspergian in possession of the facts is potent. Like a force of nature, such as the wind, rain, or sunlight, an accurately informed aspie in the right has as much potential for enormous damage as they do for enormous good. 2,042 more words


Day #176 - 50 Pieces of Sibling Advice

If your family has just received an autism diagnosis – here are some very real pieces of advice from Estelle and Gavin, two ‘autism siblings.’ 938 more words

Asperger's + Allistics: The Impossible Girl

Good readers, in the past, I have briefly mentioned a certain special someone in my life. She is the only person on earth who knows who I am off the computer, and more importantly, she’s found a part of me that I didn’t know existed. 1,690 more words


Normal or creepy?

I just recently read a post on facebook about how this woman was taking her kids to ride a camel, and she saw this 70-something year old woman standing in the midst of all these children and became overly excited that this old woman was going to ride a camel. 339 more words


Definitely Not Neurotypical

Things are looking up again. The cold is slowly receding, and the engagement is over! Phew! The engagement story is for another day. To summarize it in a line, well, it was awkward. 393 more words