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The Hidden Autistic

This is talked about a lot on twitter but I don’t think I ever addressed it on my blog, which I think is odd because it’s something I am very passionate about and something that is extremely important to me in my growth as a human and in understanding myself. 477 more words


Could You Be Neurotypical???

Just thought I’d create a list of some of the traits that people with neurotypicalism exhibit. It’s all satire so just have fun with it. 561 more words


On Words: it is resilience, not suffering

Suffer: to experience or show the effects of something bad

Interestingly, every time society uses the verb “to suffer,” ┬áin discussing a person’s situation or reality, does not mean humanity shows care or understanding. 400 more words

On Words

Sensory Processing in Adults

This was written so well I wanted to share it here. It is an article for Neurotypicals so that they can understand what having SPD is like. 26 more words


We get 1000 weekends with our children before they turn into adults.

I don’t know how this fact makes me feel.

Happy that it doesn’t last forever and I’ll be free. Or sad that it doesn’t last forever, they will leave my weekends empty causing me to look back and miss my time with the children, being children. 475 more words


Sometimes, we’re faced with situations that can only be lose-lose for our mental health. Boxed into a corner, anxious, and unsure of the best choice to make, we weigh up our options. 366 more words


Breaking the Mould - Autism Representation in the Media

(Content note: One mention of each of the following to exemplify a point around halfway through this post – bullying, meltdowns and autistic burnout)

Hi all, 1,299 more words