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Not knowing I was autistic and the damage a wrong diagnosis can do.

I’ve always known that I’m different. At school I remember a teacher shouting at me because I’m ‘not of this world!’ And she’s right. I’m a spectator looking in. 1,116 more words


Divergence and Diversity

There are two terms I sometimes see people get mixed up when talking about autistic (or otherwise non-neurotypical) people. Those terms are neurodivergent and neurodiverse (used as adjectives), or neurodivergence and neurodiversity (used as nouns). 399 more words


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Fantastic post, dear one!  Luke Beardon is incredible, and I love the work that he does!  Thank you so much for writing this 👏🏼👍🏼💖 (I meant to post this on my "reblog blog", but I didn't select that one before hitting the "reblog" button, so it's fine to stay here.  Hell, I'll probably put it on that blog, too ;) )

Don’t try to use my autism against me if I decide you’re not the man for me...

One of the main problems that I have had throughout my life is asserting myself in relationships.  Or even having successful relationships where the other person enhances my life instead of using me, hurting me or causing me a catalogue of other unspecified nightmares. 748 more words


‘People shouldn’t judge but they do’

I often hear the parents of children with Autism say that they become isolated from other people.  And I can see why.  People don’t want to understand.   622 more words


After devoting my heart into it, I’ve created a new Kindle/print book: How to Stop Looking Autistic. If you’re autistic or just plain awkward, this will give you a tutorial on how to behave like a neurotypical and drastically increase your ability to make friends. 9 more words

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Am I Normal?

Well…duh! Obviously, I am not ‘normal’. Whatever that means…

What I really mean is…

Am I #Neurotypical?

Yes, I have dyslexia. I did not read until I was ten. 771 more words


The Lexicon of Personality: Mind Your Language

Language, through the written word and through symbols, is the means by which we communicate and understand what we think, what is important, and what we value.  833 more words

Cultural Bias