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Finding my best friend led to many more dates, time hanging out playing video games, one thing led to another, and I was asking her father for permission to marry her. 378 more words

Executive Functions

You may think when you hear ‘executive function’ that I am talking about people at the top of the socio-economic hierarchical structure adeptly pouring champagne while holding a conversation about making more money. 425 more words

Feeding the Plants

I called for the second time from the driveway, ‘Oi Troy, come and give me a hand!’ but it wasn’t until I had all the shopping bags out of the boot that the fly wire door clicked open and Troy stepped out into the light. 860 more words

Coloured Thought is Not Grey Enough

Electricity sparks. Entrepreneurial conceptions. Flickering from philosophy to colour. Words are sprays of colour from his lips. They are fuel. They come out stacatto, half stuck in different wheels that turn to further thought. 109 more words

Creative Writing

We're Going On A Beach Vacation!

Traveling with a child with autism and sensory needs

I have no idea what to expect. This will be our family’s first beach vacation.

Thankfully, God has prepared my heart and helped me overcome the fears I have associated with water and autism. 211 more words


Coming Home

When Kassie gets to the bus stop it’s full of the dark shadows of people waiting in the fading light. It is only when she hears the roar of the low groaning engine that she breaks away from the pack and squints into the bright oncoming lights to see if it is the route she wants. 529 more words

Thoughts about the documentary: The Magic Pill

I just finished watching The Magic Pill on Netflix. Since I’m now in England I’ll just say that I think it’s a load of bollocks. The documentary focuses on the benefits of a ketogenic or paleo diet/lifestyle. 455 more words