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Movie Review - X + Y

X + Y – A film about – well quite a bit really…

I have attended and viewed this film twice now and I feel it appropriate as a Âû adult that I make some comments about it. 1,033 more words


A coming out.

I’ve had quite the journey over the last couple of months in coming to terms and moving to a point of acceptance and celebration of my diagnosis. 1,151 more words


Little Man's Teacher is Leaving

Today, when I picked up Little Man from school, he took my hand and asked me to come upstairs with him.  He led me to his classroom where his teacher was waiting.  873 more words

On Trying to Crack the Secret Handbook of Social Interaction

I recently had the experience of being challenged to understand a variety of back to back virtual and real world social interactions. The interactions had mainly to do with bullying, mobbing, and controlling with a side of failure to communicate in which I was less a target than a witness, but I was in the position of having to respond with the timeliness of the nonautistic world. 625 more words


Fun Friday: Twenty Statements Autistics Hear, But Can't Stand

There are many things Autistics hear regularly from neurotypicals (NTs) that are somewhat offensive to us. This is usually not intended, so this list was compiled to help the friends and family of autistics to know what not to say to their loved ones. 4,836 more words


It's Only 6:34 a.m.

Well, we’ve been up since 3:30.  That’s what time she got up to eat breakfast.  She always gets up so early, I let her have some cereal and a banana by her bed so she can eat and go back to sleep.   246 more words


Creating versus complaining...

A month or so ago I attended a behavior analysis conference for work. It was a 2 day event with presentations from various researchers, students, professors, scientists, and ABA providers. 412 more words