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Trying to explain Autism to a Neurotypical person is difficult.

Trying to explain Autism to a Neurotypical person is difficult. There are many things that I struggle with including

That Aspie Meet Part 1

In April of 2016 I attended my very first Aspie meet.

I believe there is no need for an explanation on what that is, however it has been pointed out to me that what may seem easily understandable to me may not be easily understood by others so… 800 more words



I keep wishing for people who do not spend every day with my children to tell me that what they do is “normal”.

Let me be very very plain about this, I would love to have “normal” kids, with “normal” meltdowns and “normal” things, but I don’t. 549 more words

Power, Peers, and a Sad Evening: Part III

Last Tuesday, The Boy took me to lunch with a gift card Poppy had given him to do just that. I picked him up from Grammy’s, and we went to McDonald’s. 300 more words

Special Needs Parenting


The storm

is coming

a flash

eyes blinded

You reach out your hand

extended fingers


dreams in peril


heart racing

waves above the bow… 115 more words

Dysfunctional Neurotypical Communication?

I have been doing a fair bit of reading about autism and connecting with a great bunch of people on Twitter. For anyone wanting to meet more autistic folk and strike up a dialogue or get your questions answered I would strongly recommend searching via hashtags such as #autism #actuallyautistic #sheCantBeAutistic and so on to join the conversation. 597 more words


thursday thinking after therapy

*please note that this piece is a personal experience and evaluation of my own circumstances. it is based on theories i have created, not fact.* 600 more words