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Book Review - The Curse of Lovely

Long before I was officially diagnosed as being Autistic with Social & Communication difficulties I started reading Self Help, Mindfulness and Communication Style books. At first I was trying to make myself less different and more like everyone else (able to read social cues, tonal inflection and body language).   893 more words

Unfair Dismissal

This afternoon I was stood in the kitchen buttering rolls, when I asked my youngest, Piper, to lay a blanket out on the floor ready for their ‘picnic’. 1,031 more words


Why I Let Others Know I Am Autistic Online When It Comes to Dating

I’ll be going out on a date soon. I really dislike dating because it generally feels like an interview. I feel like I MUST make eye contact, be ‘bubbly’, ask a lot of intriguing questions, and more. 267 more words


Good Morning, Campers!

Every year, as I’ve dropped Joseph off at school, I’ve marked the day when excited 6th-8th graders have gathered in the parking lot with their luggage, waiting to leave for science camp. 1,271 more words



(seemingly my motto this week)


The Neurotypical World Should Not Decide How We Function

I once had a boyfriend who broke my heart. I thought he was my boyfriend, at least, but he thought otherwise. Am I high functioning because I had a boyfriend? 487 more words


Trying to explain Autism to a Neurotypical person is difficult.

Trying to explain Autism to a Neurotypical person is difficult. There are many things that I struggle with including