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The Value of Neurodiversity

I am (temporarily) working with a population of developmentally disabled adults of all functioning levels. This population is extremely vulnerable and subject to horrifying levels of trauma, and yet, they are some of the most honest and kind people I have ever met. 1,068 more words

Mental Illness

"Everyone's Been There": A Dangerous Myth


Let me preface this post by acknowledging a universal truth of life – everyone has gone through tough shit or will at some point in the future. 1,145 more words

Mental Health

PDA and communication

Communication. 85% non verbal, 15% verbal.

There’s speech, tone of voice, body language, facial movements, body stance, terminology, hand movements, timing, lies, literal and non literal meanings, eye movement, other verbal noises, silence and pauses between speaking. 2,218 more words


A Philosophy of Natural Movement, Part 1

This is a long multi-part essay on the experience of being autistic, the process of gaining the label, and the nightmare (especially the last two years,  3,740 more words


Anxiety versus anxiety disorder

Before we begin, a PSA: most people just refer to an anxiety disorder as “anxiety,” but my choice of language was to make the idea clear. 478 more words

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Making it "Us vs Them" helps nobody

In the past I’ve been criticized for avoiding confrontation at any cost, and which to be fair isn’t far from the truth, as I take to confrontation like a snowman to a blast furnace. 460 more words