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Education and Autism - are our schools equipped to help those on the spectrum

As a lot of our children nowadays are misdiagnosed on the spectrum. They are finding it increasingly difficult to integrate themselves fully into school. For being different to the neurotypical kids, they are outcast and seen as different. 391 more words


MY ASPIE LIFE: The Latest Update

Riverside, CA, my early childhood home town as I spent my first nine years and nearly every school vacation until age 18 there; with all due respect to Santa Monica, thoughts of this place has always induced a sense of “home” in me because of the memories I have about it and the sense that I’ve always seemed to have fitted in better there. 456 more words

Asperger's Syndrome

Playground Life Lessons

Growing up is so hard.

My middle son, my neurotypical child, is a lot like a first-born child to me.  Or rather, we go through many “firsts” that my oldest child has not gone through yet and some, as an ASD child, that he may never go through at all.   464 more words


On passing, affection and relationship negotiations

By nature, I am not very physically or verbally demonstrative. I am a quiet person, content to be left alone most of the time. I’m not shy but I have things to do, things to think about, that do not include other people. 1,718 more words

On expectations, rejection and learning the language of love

Everyone, for better or worse, learns by example what a relationship should look like. Whether it’s from parents, friends, TV or romance novels, as we mature we piece together little snippets of relationships we’ve encountered into a daydream collage of ‘the one.’  The collage I had pieced together by the time I met Stephanie at 19 was vastly different than what she brought to our relationship. 2,068 more words

Our Regularly Scheduled, Impromptu Date Night

Keeping a regular schedule is something that I have never attempted, let alone achieved. I eat, work, play and sleep pretty much whenever I feel like it, kind of like a bear in the woods. 1,582 more words

The Earth orbits the Sun, water is wet and on Tuesdays we go to the movies.

Spoiler alert: I’m a big fan of routine. Our life just isn’t set up for strict daily schedules but any opportunity for regularity is welcomed on my part, if not my wife’s. 1,315 more words