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A Seat in a funny little waiting room in an inner northern Melbourne suburb.

There is  popular old chestnut of a saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It’s all very well to think that way and in a sense there is an element of truth to this old saying.   1,310 more words


Cousin Therapy

(Arizona surrounded by her Ohio cousins, June 2015)

We are in Ohio this week visiting family. We were here a few weeks back as well, due to my father falling suddenly (and seriously) ill. 246 more words


A Proud Âûtistic Man I am.

I am a proud Âûtistic man. I am what I am and I am an Âûtistic man.

Some would say why be proud? I say are you not proud of who you are. 305 more words


What is 'Normal'?

This is about a conversation I had with Srikar. I asked Srikar why he can’t say normal things and what he said made my day. 197 more words

What is neurodiversity?

I campaign for the recognition of neurodiversity precisely because it is a spectrum and I think society needs to be more accepting and accommodating of the breadth of human traits. 166 more words

So. Let them play.

The characters: a thirteen-year-old 7th grader and a ten-year-old 5th grader. Both cognitively impaired, to a degree. One with a syndrome. One with severe ADHD. Both with language disorders. 733 more words


Bacon and egg sammich

Sunshine Hound

Belly Roast

Performing the unnatural as naturally as possible. That is the demand that neurotypicality places upon autistic existence. Little wonder that we would much rather be in a world of our own. 806 more words