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Neurotypical Awareness

Being diagnosed late in life has meant that I’ve needed to learn a lot about a new subject that I didn’t know applied to me. I’ve read personal accounts written by autistic people, I’ve read research papers, I’ve looked into coping mechanisms – and mostly found that I’ve built my own solutions over the years without realising what I was doing. 558 more words


Why I changed my blog name

Quick post before bed even though it’s pretty irrelevant due to my blog not being very popular but in a sense it’s relevant to me because I feel the reason behind it is so significant in terms of how the symbols that we use in regards to autism can impact on how we are viewed in a neurotypical society. 396 more words


Don't Tell Me My Life Is 'On Pause' Because It Isn't. I am Moving Forward.

Don’t tell me my life is on pause because I’m not living up to your neurotypical and ableist expectations. My life hasn’t stopped or become less because I’m not in education and I haven’t got a job. 653 more words

Mental Health

A Brief, Reflective Timeline

I’m 10 – Everything is fine. Nothing before this point matters. Why do people make such a big deal of things? If everyone stopped talking about sexism and racism and got on with their lives then it would go away. 933 more words


Cobwebs: Autistics and Neurotypicals

Autistics and Neurotypicals are a perfect pairing.

My husband is neurotypical. I’m autistic. Relationships aren’t always easy, but there’s something about our pairing that works. 550 more words


Stop Diagnosing Donald

Dear Discourse-loving intellectuals,

Please stop trying to diagnose Donald Trump. Now.

I understand the desire to put a name to the way he behaves, I truly do. 376 more words

Polly Ticks

The Value of Neurodiversity

I am (temporarily) working with a population of developmentally disabled adults of all functioning levels. This population is extremely vulnerable and subject to horrifying levels of trauma, and yet, they are some of the most honest and kind people I have ever met. 1,068 more words

Mental Illness