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Our Regularly Scheduled, Impromptu Date Night

Keeping a regular schedule is something that I have never attempted, let alone achieved. I eat, work, play and sleep pretty much whenever I feel like it, kind of like a bear in the woods. 1,582 more words

The Earth orbits the Sun, water is wet and on Tuesdays we go to the movies.

Spoiler alert: I’m a big fan of routine. Our life just isn’t set up for strict daily schedules but any opportunity for regularity is welcomed on my part, if not my wife’s. 1,315 more words

Labels Labels Labels!!

Labels Labels Lables.

They surroung and abound.

Everywhere we go we see them.

Brand labels. Price Labels. Animal Labels. Suburb Labels. Racial Labels. Cultural Labels. 513 more words

General ASD

We're all a little different.

So, I have never written any kind of blog…and I definitely have not written any kind of “paper” since high school so excuse all my crummy grammar and run on sentences. 2,270 more words

Mental Illness, Killing, and Racism

“Ha ha, don’t go on a killing spree now!”

“Mentally ill people are more likely to be led to hate.”

I heard both of these two things in response to me telling people I love that I am mentally ill. 277 more words

Mental Illness

No Actually Autistics Won't Shut Up

As I sit in front of this laptop tonight punching out words it is with a level of frustration and anger that is quite elevated. My day today, in which I did manage to complete some worthwhile assignment work in my course of study, was punctuated with periods of interactions regarding silencing, ignoring or pathologising of autistics and autism. 670 more words


Slippery Fish

It has been a week since we returned from the Wild Goose Festival, a festival of Art, Music, Justice and Spirituality. To cynical insiders, it is also known as the Festival for Recovering Evangelicals. 714 more words

Deep Thoughts