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Autistic Spectrum Disorder – Nature or Nurture? Aware or beware?

Since April was ‘Autism awareness month’ internationally, this blog is a little different, aiming to raise awareness of autism and how adults with autism and its associated disorders might differ from the neurotypical. 896 more words


Neurodiversity: Some Basics About the Term, Rights Movement & Other Stuff

Lots of folks have been asking, since the launch of AmericanBadassAdvocates.org, what is Neurodiversity? That has put into perspective how niche the word is to the Autism community.  559 more words


D is for Demand.

D is for Demand.

A demand is an insistent and peremptory (good word, it means insisting on immediate attention or obedience) request. Basically, anything that someone has ordered to be done right away with no choice of inaction. 493 more words


Why doesn't Johnny flap? 

Neurotypical (NT) is something I have heard in meetings and see on some of Reilly’s documents. Reilly is not neurotypical. I found the information below while googling neurotypical. 421 more words


Things I actually do like about having Borderline


Fuck it, I’m bored so I’m making another list.
Disclaimer : these are things I think are positive, you may or may not relate…

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neurotypical: mentally ill people are not aware of their illnesses!!!!!
my mentally ill ass: runs a blog about my mental illnesses

What do to when someone tells you they’re mentally ill


  • Don’t say “I had no idea, you don’t seem it!” This isn’t a compliment, because being mentally ill isn’t an insult. It can be invalidating to some people.
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