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Neurotypowość, neuroatypowość, neuroróżnorodność

Wśród rzeczy, które powinnam opisać na tym blogu, te zagadnienia wydały mi się najpilniejsze. Pojęcia wymienione w tytule notki zaczęły się pojawiać w (anglojęzycznym) Internecie w kontekście praw osób autystycznych, ale szybko temat został rozszerzony na inne rodzaje różnic w funkcjonowaniu ludzkiego mózgu. 1,515 more words


What would it be like?

I often wonder what it would be like to be neurotypical.

If, when, I am not reminded on the daily I am loved, would I slowly start to chip away at my self-worth’? 269 more words


Burnout by Proxy

In order to facilitate the burnout period for my wife, I have to enter her world and see things through her perspective. Because of that, I’m finding that the format of this blog has become very literal and to-the-point. 1,135 more words


Guest Post by Chelsea Dub on World Vegan Day/Autistics Speaking Day

Chelsea Dub: I am an art student currently studying animation and painting at Ball State University. Through my art, I attempt to challenge society’s perceptions of marginalized communities—including other animals—as well as explore the intersections between issues such as ableism, sexism, and speciesism.  790 more words


Probing the mysterious perceptual world of Autism

A new study found that people with autism perceive images differently from neurotypical people. For example, people with autism tend to focus on the centre of an image. 947 more words


Being BPD And...Reading Articles About BPD.

Well, this is a hypocritical start!

But I’m not going to discuss the articles and blog posts written by BPD sufferers, considering they’re rarely the ones that come up when you search anything to do with the illness. 777 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Shame ADN Shame

I awoke today to what could rightly be called something of a shitstorm on my social media channels. Tweets and Facebook posts were flying thick and fast. 1,573 more words