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Let's Begin...

Just remember that it was your choice to click the link and the only one who can compel you to continue reading is {wait for it}….you. 786 more words


Day 40: Misophonia

misophonia is one of those things where people always say “so? just get over it” whenver you try to explain.

maybe i’m just no good at explaining, but i’ll give it a go. 415 more words

What would the REAL Helen Keller have thought about AUTISM?

Her teacher was known as “The Miracle Worker.” In the 2000 Disney movie, Hellen was believed to have become deaf, blind and intellectually disabled due to illness as a young child. 170 more words


For All the Parents Who Stare, Divert Eyes, or Gossip, Check Yourselves.

As the parent to two children with differences, I find it appalling how much judgment I receive from people who have never met me, spoken to me, or taken the time to hear our family story. 2,079 more words

BDSM and Disability

As a sub, I make myself available when I’m wanted and do what’s asked of me. Feel like a 40-minute face fuck? No problem. Want sex four times a day? 493 more words


Stoned entry #1

I’m stoned.  I probably shouldn’t try to write a blog post in this condition, but oh well.  Here goes.  I’ve been partaking of recreational weed while on my Christmas vacation in Denver.   574 more words


Neurotypowość, neuroatypowość, neuroróżnorodność

Wśród rzeczy, które powinnam opisać na tym blogu, te zagadnienia wydały mi się najpilniejsze. Pojęcia wymienione w tytule notki zaczęły się pojawiać w (anglojęzycznym) Internecie w kontekście praw osób autystycznych, ale szybko temat został rozszerzony na inne rodzaje różnic w funkcjonowaniu ludzkiego mózgu. 1,515 more words