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Things that Neurotypicals do that I do not like as an Autistic person.

Being teased about my stimming or fears.

I don’t like being teased about my stimming because it makes me feel bad. Teasing me when I am stimming makes me feel like I cannot be myself, stimming is a way for me to express myself, and self regulate myself when I am anxious. 399 more words

Hello world: let me introduce Neurotypical Spectrum Disorder

Trigger warning: describes persons without autism as a group; may be detrimental to a NT’s self esteem if it’s highly relying on one’s individual traits etc… 1,512 more words


The times when I feel like I don't "fit in" socially.

I struggle with socializing. The only people I can really socialize with is my teacher or my friend. Sometimes it’s hard to even socialize with my friend or teacher. 385 more words

Flashbacks: What People Don't Know About This Aspie

I’m extremely self-conscious about the things I do, as with my horde of extremely awkward Aspie tendencies I’ve become very aware of when I’m crossing the line. 419 more words



I feel often evaluated wrong; a new insect from deep in the jungle, a strange creature below the tides not yet seen, an organism from a distant galaxy. 413 more words

Zine Review: Asperger's & The Re:Spectrum of Human Emotions / Perfect Mix Tape Segue Number Six

Asperger’s & The Re:Spectrum of Human Emotions / Perfect Mix Tape Segue Number Six

I was excited to receive this zine because I know little about Asperger’s and hoped to learn more (especially because of a loved one). 516 more words


My World and the Real World

Over the course of my 20 years as a person with Aspergers I have discovered that I do not see the world as others do. There are two different ways in which simplicity comes into play in my everyday world. 392 more words