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i am not ready to make nice

so another aspie came in and respectfully asked me to bow out and leave the discussion to her – i acquiesced. no need for two people pounding on the same neurotypical skull  😀. 481 more words


autistics right to self-determination...

…trumps neurotypical parents’ right not to cringe.

During last Wednesday’s meeting, one subcommittee member, who I believe is the parent of an Autistic child, and an Autistic self-advocate expressed disagreement over the terms.

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Random Thoughts

how NTs dominate the ND narrative

the text below was adapted from this article. i have switched out ‘cis’ for ‘neurotypical’ and ‘trans’ for ‘neurodifferent’. the original article was written by… 345 more words


NTs, their gimp-splaining and privilege

do you remember this post? well i posted a bit from it to Facebook, and tagged a few of my neurodifferent friends. the post took off and got a few shares, a few likes and everything seemed to be going very nicely. 747 more words


Asperger's: MORE tips for talking to neurotypicals

Stating the problem

This article is about learning social skills.  But first, let’s talk about abilities!  People with Asperger’s Syndrome have many strengths to balance out the difficulties life throws in their direction, like high IQ’s, amazing mathematic and scientific skills, and a quick, punny sense of humor. 2,427 more words

Asperger's: tips for talking to neurotypicals

Neurotypicals (the Asperger’s term for people without autism) are complex, fascinating, and frustrating, and communicating with them often feels like you’re playing a complicated game without knowing the rules.  1,560 more words

Almost Functioning

Neurotypical people seem to love using functioning labels, as if labelling someone as high or low functioning makes them feel safer because they can put us in neat little boxes. 354 more words