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Questions for those with normal sight and "typical brain"

It took a while to figure how to best express  the audience to the questions: those without visual (or hearing) impairments (at least that cannot be corrected), and with a neurotypical brain, read… 1,490 more words


When You Want To Reach Out But Your Brain Says No


I want to make friends, I really want to

but my insides want to fight it

bouncing between shy

and silent

you can’t ever say you’ve been this low… 189 more words


Language Barrier

My partner and I have been together 18 years and she ‘gets’ me better than anyone in the entire world – most of the time; every now and then there’s a bit of a translation problem, usually in situations like texting, where additional contextual information is not available. 352 more words


Hello world: let me introduce Neurotypical Spectrum Disorder

Trigger warning: describes persons without autism as a group; may be detrimental to a NT’s self esteem if it’s highly relying on one’s individual traits etc… 1,512 more words


The times when I feel like I don't "fit in" socially.

I struggle with socializing. The only people I can really socialize with is my teacher or my friend. Sometimes it’s hard to even socialize with my friend or teacher. 385 more words

Flashbacks: What People Don't Know About This Aspie

I’m extremely self-conscious about the things I do, as with my horde of extremely awkward Aspie tendencies I’ve become very aware of when I’m crossing the line. 419 more words



I feel often evaluated wrong; a new insect from deep in the jungle, a strange creature below the tides not yet seen, an organism from a distant galaxy. 412 more words