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The Gym

The gym is often an Aspies biggest nightmare. There are always so many people there, so many machines going, and so many distractions. It really is just a matter of time, before something gives an Aspie sensory overload. 505 more words

ADHD Mind Storms...An Apology and Thank You

Hi.  Me again…your friendly neighborhood squirrel.  I haven’t written in a few days because my ADHD has been a bit out of control.  I just can’t sit and concentrate on anything very long write now.   944 more words


The neurology of cross-cultural authority?

So I was thinking the other day about the question of why do people go along with others and do things even when they know they believe (or know) they shouldn’t. 1,097 more words

Psychology And Evolution

People of the Internet

For a person claiming to be a social media obsessed who is being critical but somewhat sounding preachy, I’ll be sharing some epiphanies of sort that I’ve come across granting that I’m online almost every day. 520 more words

The Internet