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People of the Internet

For a person claiming to be a social media obsessed who is being critical but somewhat sounding preachy, I’ll be sharing some epiphanies of sort that I’ve come across granting that I’m online almost every day. 520 more words

The Internet

A7 elaborated: My Imperfect Story, #SOSChat # Recovery etc

I love twitter chats. But sometimes thereʻs a lot more than you can say in a tweet. Like for something like this more or less. 1,637 more words

"I know how you feel" and other neurotypical lies

There are some phrases that have always got me on the edge (angry, frustrated) because they are such stupid expressions and lies. Here a selection: 876 more words

Creativity and Psychoticism

I was discussing the research for the AIDS and California post with a friend the other day, and they reacted with what I recall as shock and horror, protesting that San Francisco was home to Silicon Valley, Steve Jobs (formerly,) and all kinds of fabulous innovations. 872 more words

Psychology And Evolution

Iʻm a little tired of neurotypical ableists

The title of this post says it all. I am pretty tired of neurotypical ableists.

That probably needs a lot more elaborating and words.

Neurotypicals are the people that think like the “normal people”, those who are not on the spectrum, i.e. 730 more words

Audience... It's Complicated

A hospital? What is it?

Watching that scene from Airplane, it’s pretty clear to most folks that Elaine knows what a hospital is. When she asks, … 657 more words