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Interpersonal Communication Advice from Ableist Neurotypicals

Iʻve been involved with a really interesting book in the past few months; Interpersonal Communication by Joseph A. DeVito, by Pearson. It has great advice for how to improve oneʻs interpersonal and socializing skills. 1,054 more words

Daily Life

When is Rude Really Rude? Fuggedaboutit!

New Yorkers don’t mean to be rude; they’re just impatient. Time is highly valued here, so we show others respect by making an effort not to waste theirs… 353 more words


I'm Autistic, Deal With It

I have a sense of humor, really–
Just not when my brain registers certain jokes as serious.
Neurotypical older brother asks me,
“Don’t you have a test to study for?” 464 more words


Neurotypicals Take Note – Accepting Compliments

What do you say…?

How often has someone said that to you? Or how often have you said it to your student or child? The problem is, the answer is a lot more complicated than just “Thank you.” 388 more words


Little White Lies and What They Mean

Back on my post about society lying, I mentioned a category of untruth that we might generally consider “little white lies”.

In our society, these lies are generally feel-good statements, like, “everyone is beautiful,” or “don’t care what others think–be yourself!” If you believe these things too literally, you’ll get in a lot of trouble, because reality doesn’t work that way. 532 more words

Feedback Loops

I am pretty sure that neurotypicals (normal people) have “feeedback loops” in their brains that reward them for conformist behavior and punish them for non-conformist behavior. 407 more words