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Happiness at the Hands of a Band

I saw a Neutral Milk Hotel concert recently and ran into a friend of a friend who had been a fan of the band since 1999. 125 more words


Neutral Milk Hotel played their final show in Petaluma, CA, hear their last song

Regardless of when you first heard of Neutral Milk Hotel—either during their initial run in the 90s or during their decade and a half of dormancy—and regardless if you loved them or hated them, Petaluma, California is probably not where anyone ever thought they’d see Neutral Milk Hotel for the final time. 1,115 more words


My Top 9 Favorite Albums

It has come to my attention that I’m sorta a terrible blogger. I had an alright thing going there with movie reviews and what not for a while, but then I turned sporadic and emotional. 1,730 more words


Top 10 Road Trip Records

It’s summer. Time for travel. Time to climb into the car and hit the open road. Before I start the list, I’d like mention my qualifiers for it. 194 more words


Do Album Release Dates Still Matter?

I can remember countless afternoons in the ’90s walking into a record store and first hearing about an upcoming release from one of my favorite groups: Nirvana, A Tribe Called Quest, Faith No More, OutKast, Descendants, the list goes on. 975 more words


Needless to say, Day 2 of the Shaky Knees Music & Arts Festival started off very slow for me at first, even with the assistance of coffee. 1,900 more words

Music Festival


I was told to watch Frank a long time ago. Like Birdman, it’s one of those newer films that people tell you to see early on, and you put it off for slightly too long, then you finally watch it and all you wanna do is talk about it, then you realize you missed the boat. 742 more words