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Own More | Shop Less: The Art of Timeless Shopping

I’ve always been one for extravagance. In fact, I’ve always been one for anything with “extra” as its prefix. With fashion evolving at such alarming rates, people are on a constant hunt for individuality, so much so that the search itself makes them just like everyone else. 493 more words

Style Insight- Blake Von D @Blake Von D

By the time Blake did Put it in Neutral, she was easily one of my all time fave bloggers. i mean hands down. Also, my love for bold & richer shades of lippies may have influenced this :) I’ve followed her since 2013. 295 more words

Style Insight

What's a g...woman to wear?

None of us wants to be called mutton, do we? It’s a real problem knowing how to dress when you reach your 50s. You don’t want to dress like your Mum, but you don’t want to look like you’re trying to look like your daughter either. 493 more words


FOTD: Slapdash Test Out the New Camera Before It Gets Dark Look

So after a somewhat agonizing 12 cameraless days, I finally have a new camera and can blog again! Which meant I needed to try it out immediately. 259 more words