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Being a Feminine Agender Human.

Agender means “no gender’. Literally. I know, I just called myself “non-binary”. But agender is non-binary.

Here’s a chart that basically sums it up!

There. Non-binary is an “umbrella term” (which means anyone on that chart could use it, because it applies.). 620 more words


Where does the good go?

I feel like I’ve come to a weird crossroads in my life, which is an odd feeling at 37 when I thought I had everything all figured out. 588 more words


Swimming part 2

So the summer is back in Germany. And with it the desire to want to go swimming. Sadly I haven’t made it yet. I wish I could say it was because of my disease and the chronic pain that kept me in bed for several days. 256 more words


Name/Gender change

Some good news: I got a letter from the court about my name and gender change. I am now officially Luka Jesse Meindl and sex/gender male! 54 more words


Feeling like a fraud; or, Am I really trans?

I’ve noticed that in the days leading up to (and during) shark week, I get overwhelmed by self-doubt and fear. And rather than find a way to combat these feelings, I wallow in them. 753 more words


Is Gender a spectrum? New species among us?

Gender is not a spectrum?

genderqueer’ or ‘non-binary’ or ‘pangender’ or ‘polygender’ or ‘agender’ or ‘demiboy’ or ‘demigirl’ or ‘neutrois’ or ‘ 3,904 more words


Every Thug Is a Lady: Adventures Without Gender by Julia Eff

Julia Eff is awesome. I recently bought a bunch of their zines, and will soon go back for more, because Julia already feels like a favorite hang-out buddy and I’ve never even met them. 533 more words

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