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Zooming in on the Very Faint Neutron Star RX J1856.5-3754

This video zooms from a broad view of the spectacular central regions of the Milky Way into the small constellation of Corona Australis. The very faint neutron star RX J1856.5-3754 is among clouds of glowing gas and dark regions of dust.

Video Credit: ESO


A very cool neutron star

HETE J1900.1-2455 is a neutron star that swallows material from a small companion star that a mass of only about 10% of our Sun. It was discovered in 2006 with NASA’s… 438 more words


Astronomical Concepts - Week 6

This weeks topic was the stars.

Their are billions of stars in our galaxy and there are billions of galaxies in the universe. There is an unbelievably huge amount of stars out there and the stars are separated by huge distances. 847 more words

An Expanding Crab

This series of images of the Crab Nebula taken by the Hubble Space Telescope reveal wave-like structures like ripples in a pond expanding outward from the “heart” of an exploded star. 99 more words


Staring at a very dim X-ray binary

Some neutron stars that consume gas from a companion star generate much dimmer X-rays than the general population of X-ray binaries. Since the brightness scales with the amount of mass that is being devoured, it seems that in these… 440 more words


Supernova - fission explosion? A precursor neutron star?

Cassiopeia A        NASA / JPL/ Caltech

Might one consider any SN1987 precursor star as a predominantly fusion star, as a source of energy; wherein one has gravitational collapse to a critical mass density, and then fission process commencing and predominating? 922 more words

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