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A cosmic explosion that cannot be explained.

(Gif image from NASA)

This is very interesting, a cosmic explosion that neither resembles a Black Hole devouring a Neutron star or a Neutron star exploding which in turn creates a Gamma Ray Burst.  396 more words


PSR J1748-2446ad

Hey baby,

what’s the world coming to these days? It’s all going to hell isn’t it?
what if we just got away from it all? like light years away… 624 more words


Less than Tragedy


dense remnants of sky
are crushed into exhaustion
inside neutron stars

hot pulses, i have
felt from weakness with
my concentration

behind cold matter i am… 11 more words


The Hidden Member Of Periodic Table: The "Element Zero"

Chemistry has a total of 118 known elements in the periodic table. Most of the elements after atomic number 90 is artificial or man-made elements. The numbering of elements in periodic table is done by the number of protons present in the nucleus of a particular atom. 142 more words

Chemistry :)


Radiation from the pulsar PSR B1509-58, a rapidly spinning neutron star, causes nearby gas to glow with X-rays (gold, from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory) and illuminates the rest of the nebula, here seen in infrared (blue and red, from WISE).

Image Credit: NASA


New clues to an old mystery?

MXB 1730-335, also known as “the rapid burster”, is a neutron star that is located in the Galactic globular cluster Liller 1 and swallows gas from a companion star. 377 more words


'Alien' radio signals are coming from a neutron star in a galaxy far, far away

Cosmic radio waves which have puzzled astronomers for more than a decade, and even led to speculation that they were made by aliens, are probably produced by a huge neutron star, scientists have said. 531 more words