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New Years is knocking at the door and for all that the season holds, the curious traveler is already making plans to make the eve count. 212 more words


Nud Girls and Bikinis

I know you have questions. What is a nud girl, right? And, given the choice, would a man rather look at a nud girl? Or a girl in a bikini? 302 more words


Valley of Fire State Park Excursion

The first thing you need to know about camping at Valley of Fire State Park during the Thanksgiving holiday is that it is busy.  The campsites in the park fill up quickly.  880 more words

RV Trip

7 Quick Tips For Healthier Veins

As we know, varicose veins are swollen, bulging veins — usually in the legs. They can make standing and other activities painful.

Although not all cases are preventable, the womenshealth.gov Web site suggests how to help thwart varicose veins: 122 more words

Reno Vein Clinic

Wreck of a Plane in Nevada

Sometimes you see strange things on the highway. Most of the time, it seems like I’m in such a hurry that I just keep driving by, all the while lamenting the cool photos I probably missed. 38 more words


America's Most Secret Airline Now Accepting Pilot Applications

If you’ve heard of Area 51, the Air Force’s top secret highly-guarded facility out in the Nevada desert, chances are you’ve also heard of Janet. And as it turns out, Janet is hiring. 388 more words

United States Air Force

Sin City without the sin: The health-conscious way to visit Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — Sure, the typical trip to Las Vegas is likely to make your wallet lighter and your stomach heavier. The gambling, free-flowing booze and never-ending buffets that give Sin City its fun reputation can take a toll on your finances and physique. 743 more words