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Nevada is hot and getting hotter: State of the climate, 2016

Major climate change agencies around the world (see here for a comprehensive list of data sources) have been releasing numbers for the record-breaking year of 2016, which globally was the warmest year on record and breaks the record set only last year. 1,289 more words

Climate Change

Public House at The Venetian | Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Public House at the Venetian is a contemporary gastropub and beer lover’s paradise as Las Vegas’ first gastropub. The menu consists of elevated comfort food in which almost all being “beer infused”. 626 more words


Fewer books, more tire smoke with Lamborghini Accademia

The fighter jets taking off from and landing at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada screech low over the ground, two or three at a time, all flying in formation. 774 more words

Cars And Car Design

A+ Rated

Yes, Silverstate Air Conditioning is certified and bonded for commercial HVAC repair in the Las Vegas area. Commercial property managers have the tough task of keeping clients happy. 75 more words

Desert Spoon

I have lived in the desert for several years now, and I have grown to appreciate the beauty that it has to offer.

Upon moving to a desert climate, I was under the impression that it was going to be “brown and boring.” I had made this determination without taking the time to look for the beauty in my environment. 121 more words

Bucket List of Natural Exhibits

2017 is meant for traveling. This year I’m planning on seeing as many amazing places the U.S. has to offer as I can. Here is my Natural Exhibition bucket list. 566 more words


Small UFO Produces Giant UFO Twice Over Las Vegas, Nevada On Jan 17, 2017, Video

Date of sighting: January 17, 2017Location of sighting: Las Vegas, Nevada, USAAt 8 min into the video, you will see the real deal. A giant glowing orb at the mountain side flashes, then a small UFO shoots out.

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