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All comes to us when the time is right and when we are prepared to receive.


To be honest..

March 5, 2015, 2:27 AM

You know what hurts. Is the way you slowly push me away. The problem with you is that you say a lot if things, that makes you think, it makes me feel good, but you’re point lang naman is to make me stop and do not expect something in return. 143 more words


Hoisted By My Own Petard

I’ve no idea how I came by this information because, as you all know, I am to sales what Johnny Vegas is to hang-gliding.

Apparently, in sales, there are but three golden rules: listen, never assume; always be closing. 984 more words


Never Assume.

We have all done it. Assumed that someone has the perfect marriage, family, home, career, life. Time has taught me to leave presumptions and assumptions at the door. 653 more words


Hiring managers: Please don't assume

My career path hasn’t exactly been linear. I skipped over a few titles here and there; jumped from the agency side to the client side; even veered off into a different career for a while. 878 more words

General Sense

Never Assume

Today was Student Teaching Orientation. I relearned a lesson today. NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING!!!!

What did I assume?

  • That Student Teaching was teaching all the time, by yourself, after you figure out the class…
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One voice, many years, much love

It comes to mind that there are many things unsaid in our lives, especially as we age, that really ought to be written down.  If not read by contemporaries, at least by those we know and love.   75 more words