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Beyond a Listening Ear

I listened as you spoke of how happy she made you,

momentarily distracted by my thoughts
 of how she effortlessly delivered to you,

everything that I had always struggled to conjure.


Conscience conversations

“So what do you do with the rest of your time?”. Good question!

After explaining to you that I work about twenty hours a week, the rest of what I do must seem like so little. 369 more words

The Perception of Time

There’s never enough time.

Our perception of time is a function of two factors: how productive we are and how much more we want to get done. 218 more words

Daily Blog

EP Review: Jesse Mac Cormack // After The Glow

After touring with Half Moon Run, being featured on BBC 6 Music and playing shows in Europe with the likes of Patrick Watson, The Barr Brothers and The Great Escape, it was finally time for Jesse Mac Cormack to release his chilling EP ‘After The Glow’. 247 more words


Mixed emotions bad versus good

I haven’t wrote in awhile because i can not organize my thoughts and opinions..

Well there has been good and bad lately so lets start with the bad. 384 more words


They sometimes say that it’s not the wrapping of the gift but what’s inside that’s important,

Which sometimes holds true,

As the inside often holds something very precious, 120 more words

Public Access TV--End of an Era

How nice is it of Public Access TV to drop this track while I’m discussing rock and roll discussing rock and roll?  Surely they know the irony of releasing a track called End of an Era when all they’re ever trying to do is start something.   311 more words