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SOTW: Two Songs For You

Alright, I know I seriously am slacking when it comes to posting songs each week. I find that with graduate school, working in DC, and having some “me” time… it can be hard to prioritize blogging. 627 more words

One Direction's 'Made In The A.M.'

I don’t remember a time when One Direction weren’t trending on Twitter. Over the years I have bopped along to some of their songs, but I never classed myself as part of the fandom. 209 more words


A Couple Things

It’s been tough getting back into the swing of things here. I got my coverage from Fun Fun Fun Fest up as quick as possible, but I’m still transcribing some interviews I did for Aesthetic Magazine while I was there, and good grief is that time consuming. 99 more words


Never enough? BPD and the need for connection

I have been reminded quite forcefully this week, of the fact that I have BPD. Not that it’s particularly easy to forget; but I think it’s fair to say that over the last year or so, the ‘label’ I clung onto so fiercely before (as without it I felt I lacked definition), has seemed a little less important. 1,116 more words


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" Interactions that felt caring, satisfying and enriching; and yet also left me feeling empty, and needing something more. Interactions that left me wondering: if you knew that while we were engaged in casual conversation, I was wishing that you would take me in your arms and hold me – would you still want to be in the same room as me tomorrow? If you knew that behind the sense of fun and the stimulating conversation, was a powerful desire for emotional connection – would you risk that conversation again? And if you knew that sometimes when I’m close to you, I just want to climb inside your heart and be kept safe there….."

Capabilities and #Worth - September 29th - #Inspiration

September 29th

Should you begin to believe in your capabilities and worth, you will amaze yourself.

The quote above is from The Messages: A Day Book…

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Closing In

I think one of the hardest things for me about having borderline personality mixed with other mental illnesses is that people just simply don’t understand. They don’t understand that my feelings are not something I just can get over. 324 more words