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#trashouttuesday / the day I trashed out my excuses for spontaneous company in our home

Today’s #trashouttuesday post isn’t necessarily about getting rid of clutter, but a habit that is a result of our cluttered life and home.

2017 has been a year of us inviting more people over into our home ( 714 more words

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Never Enough

Her blood boiled.

Her head seemed to swell.

She wanted to tell society it was sick –

Though society believed it was well.


And certain raisers of men.

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It'll never be enough

I say it every day, I mean it every time.

I say that I love you, and glad you’re mine.

I say I want and need you every day, 56 more words


B-Side HNL Episode 13 (Let's Make It A Party)

Fresh from their basements and practice rooms, the live acts assembled at the intimate Studio at Hawaiian Brian’s are always eager to share their music with whomever shows up. 94 more words


Never Enough

Where do we get our fulfillment from? Many in our generation would like to tell us that we’re fulfilled by our accomplishments. If that’s the case, then why are so many accomplished people miserable, depressed, and even suicidal? 533 more words

Spiritual Walk

Groundhog Day

Is every weekend supposed to be this shitty? Am I supposed to get into a screaming match with my partner over the phone because I am not “applying for jobs he has found for me” (which as someone who has been in this industry for too many years, knows I am not qualified for….). 884 more words

Bipolar Madness