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Never Enough

Never Enough
(Random Thought #3)

The more I think, the deeper I sink.

But despite the depth of the water that I’m slowly drowning into, I can never seem to find the words I use sharp enough to engrave something meaningful into my heart. 23 more words


The Worrier

sweeping, dusting, moping
fluffing pillows, folding blankets,
laundry washed, cooking and baking,
So much to do.

drafting and amending
memos and meetings
appointments and schedules… 57 more words


The Never-Enough Problem

We get Scarcity Because We Live It.

One of my very favourite writers on scarcity is global activist and fund-raiser Lynne Twist. In her book The Soul of Money, she refers to scarcity as “the great lie.” 209 more words

Lynne Twist

Wordle #164

Your lips, though muffled, sizzle.

Every enunciated hello burns

With a singular commitment

A desire for addition,

For language both raw and organic.

I will not be a number, however, 80 more words


The Sad Truth Is...

We’ll never be smart enough…

We’ll never be pretty enough…

We’ll never be skinny enough…

We’ll never be curvy enough…

We’ll never be good enough… 41 more words

Good Enough

You may think that we are not content in life, or never satisfied. But the truth is, we want to know. We aren’t the type to ask stupid questions, but a practical one. 423 more words


Enough.  ENOUGH.  That’s a  word we as moms often say to our children when they (or we!) have reached a limit.  “That’s enough ice cream.”  “That’s… 2,396 more words