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Jen chats to Brendan Maclean about all things Woodford Festival.

Woodford Folk Festival is celebrating their 31st Year this coming December. The Festival kicks off on the 27th of December 2016 and carries through to the 1st of January 2017. 2,065 more words

Never Enough, 2016 edition

Every year I recap the writing triumphs and disappointments of the previous twelve months. Every year I feel like I’ve never done enough. This year, that’s certainly true. 325 more words


Count Your First World Blessings

Little Hinges is dedicated to small actions that can foster positive change. In honor of the holidays, we are pleased to present the smallest action of all, but likely the most important with the biggest payback. 817 more words

Action Steps


I still remember the first time I saw you, the first time I snuck you into my room because you had no where to stay, I still remember the first time I fell asleep in your arms falling asleep to “our song” – 982 more words



It’s never enough. I will never be enough. I can never do enough to get me there, in that space where he looks forward to me all the time. 124 more words



Ticked checklist – feel accomplished
(yet)? –
Pray fervently for Grace,
trace the outlines of my face…

blood sweat tears
nothing but sweetened tales? 53 more words

Never really "enough"?

Its a horrible feeling to just feel like you are trying so hard at so many things and maybe not doing any of them “enough” isn’t it? 739 more words

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