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Somehow my whole life i have thought i was some sort of fraud. a fake. a phony. disingenuous. Never enough. Not pretty enough. Not smart enough. 145 more words


Update Thursday

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Okay, so a quick life update for all of my readers. My beauty buying ban is still underway and I have decided to only splurge on one non-beauty item for my birthday. 336 more words

My Life

Definition #146 (Jeanne from Queens #18) Enough

“Writers end up writing stories

—or rather, stories’ shadows

—and they’re grateful if they can,

but it is not enough.

Nothing the writer can do is ever… 7 more words



My whole life, I have been inadequate. It took me 18 years to stop comparing myself to my brother, but that doesn’t stop others from doing so. 418 more words


Stuff her Down

Stuff it down

Stuff her down

Step on her

Suffocate her


Push harder

Tears cutting through her cheeks

Don’t surface

You are not enough! 86 more words

Interview | ANIMA VOX

Interview with Samuel Alba
conducted by Eric Davis

• • • • • 676 more words


Never Enough

Have you ever felt like everything that you do or try to do for those around you is never really enough in their eyes? It’s like they always seem to want more and more regardless of what you’ve already done or attempted to do on their behalf. 252 more words