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Daisyhead stream new track "Never Know"

Daisyhead is an alt-rock band from Nashville, and they just released a new demo track called “Never Know.”  You can stream the track below, and if you like what you hear, they have a few tour dates coming up that you can see right under the track. 11 more words


OG Maco - Never Know / Lit (Video)

Not necessarily safe for work. OG Maco’s “10 Moons 2” EP available here on Soundcloud.


Never Know

What should I do with this that has fallen in my lap?

Innocently sitting there and interrupting a life nap

Not certain just why it should be my problem… 44 more words


You Never Know

There is a reason why clichés are clichés. Yes, they are overused expressions that no respectable writer would dare scribble. (It’s a good thing I am not always respectable.) At the same time, however, the reason they are overused is because sometimes they fit exactly what you want to say. 821 more words

The America, My Grandchildren Will Never Know!

From/by Don Boys, Jun 2015

There is a natural tendency as one gets older to become nostalgic about the past. In reality, things were usually not as bad or as good as we imagine them. 866 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence


Carelessly defeated by a plethora of emotions, she approached him with triumphant delight. From the minute she was introduced to him, an unexpected introduction made callously by her date, she knew the universe had opened the door to a life she was destined to be a part of. 445 more words