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The America, My Grandchildren Will Never Know!

From/by Don Boys, Jun 2015

There is a natural tendency as one gets older to become nostalgic about the past. In reality, things were usually not as bad or as good as we imagine them. 866 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence


Carelessly defeated by a plethora of emotions, she approached him with triumphant delight. From the minute she was introduced to him, an unexpected introduction made callously by her date, she knew the universe had opened the door to a life she was destined to be a part of. 445 more words


No One Would Ever Know

Today is Athena’s last day in Chicago. “I’ll be back,” she keeps saying, whatever that really means. “I left a sweater on your bed.” Her old roommates… I don’t know what it was about that girl. 383 more words


Sharing parts of yourself to others can be quite frightening.


We Never Know What

This life is full of mystery.

I have a lot going on in a day, let alone in months.

There are pains, recovery, healing and hope. 46 more words



Over at Romsey the other day when as you might possibly recall if you saw the blog entry for that particular day; I got stuck in traffic! 335 more words

The Streets

Never Know

“If I die today, how will I know what happens tomorrow?” She asks me.
“I don’t want to go, I want to know about the future and so, 253 more words