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Never Say Never Again (1983)

2016.16: Never Say Never Again (Network Airing, HD)

It never feels like a ‘proper’ Bond film. For one thing, there’s no pre-credit gun barrel shot, and there’s no elaborate credit sequence with a Bond song… well, there’s a song, but it’s hardly a Bond song -although to be fair, that could also be said of many Bond songs since (whilst on the subject of the music, the score by Michel Legrand is an awful misjudgement throughout the film). 746 more words


Douglas Slocombe, renown cinematographer, dies at 103

Douglas Slocombe, who photographed more than 80 films in a long career, has died at 103, according to AN OBITUARY BY AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE.

Slocombe’s many credits included the first three Indiana Jones films from 1981 to 1989 as well as the 1983 007 film Never Say Never Again, not part of the 24-film series produced by Eon Productions. 282 more words

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Ranking The James Bond Songs # 23 -21

Lets get the rest of the junk out of the way.

23. From Russia With Love (from From Russia With Love) – Matt Monroe

‘The best singer this country ever produced’ coming from one of the worst singers the same country ever produced, Frank Sinatra. 322 more words


Blue Snowball Microphone review

As a regular podcaster, with my show I Saw That Years Ago, microphones hold a bit of interest for me. Over the years I’ve tried a fair few, and when my old Zoom H2 developed problems recently I needed to quickly find a replacement. 984 more words

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Month of Bond: Never Say Never Again (1983) Review

The moment Sean Connery steps back into the shoes of James Bond, you realise how different (and much worse) Roger Moore’s version of the character actually is.  756 more words


Top 5 James Bond Movies

There are differing views about which James Bond actor is the best and which movies rock the most. The best 007 actor for die-hard fanatics of the series is without a doubt Sean Connery, which explains the choice of mostly the older James Bond movies in this review. 182 more words


October 7th - Bond is back in "Never say never again"

In 1983, #SeanConnery played #JamesBond in Never say never again, the “unofficial” #Bond film. #singing;#feelgood

Never say never again

You walk in a room,
A woman can feel the heat. 260 more words

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