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Double The 007: The Story Of How Two Competing Bond Films Were Created Almost Simultaneously

Since 1962’s Dr. No, the James Bond franchise has been an institution, reinventing itself subtly (or with greater force at times) transitioning from one actor to the next. 844 more words


Project Bond: Never Say Never Again

Guessh who’sh back? Yes, it’s Sean Connery, back as Bond after a 12-year absence, during which his trademark speech impediment enhancement seems to have become more pronounced. 635 more words


Pod, James Pod Podcast: Episode 0022 - 'Thunderball' and 'Never Say Never Again'

This month we delve into TWO James Bond films for the first time as we talk about Thunderball and Never Say Never Again. It’s extra long because we do nothing but talk about these movies. 47 more words


Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Grantland’s Chris Ryan makes a great point here about the way in which the James Bond franchise has changed, for better or worse, to not only gel with modern viewers but to fit the current model of blockbuster franchising. 992 more words


A View To a Kill's 30th: no more Moore

To sort of steal from Christopher Nolan, A View To a Kill isn’t the Bond ending Roger Moore deserved, but it’s the one that he got when the film debuted 30 years ago this month. 418 more words

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Never Say Never Again (1983)

After a twelve year absence Sean Connery returned to the role of 007 in Never Say Never Again, the unofficial remake of Thunderball. The result of the Kevin McClory “rights” debacle is appropriately and understandably messy. 403 more words