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Ranking the James Bond DIRECTORS

I’m taking a break from “creating a better world” to talk about something just as important: the James Bond franchise.

We can rank the James Bond actors and movies until we’re blue in the face, but I want to rank an aspect to these films that get overlooked: the directors. 1,166 more words

The forgotten James Bond

Everyone knows there have been 7 actors who played the illusive 007. Sean Connery,Roger Moore,George Lazenby,Timothy Dalton,Pierce Brosnan,Daniel Craig and David Niven(who played Bond in the parody Casino Royale) 483 more words


Bernie Casey dies at 78

Bernie Casey, who co-starred with Sean Connery in 1983’s Never Say Never Again, has died at 78, TMZ and The Hollywood Reporter said.

Casey was the first African American actor to play CIA agent Felix Leiter. 130 more words

James Bond Films

007 by the numbers: Films per decade

An exchange with a fellow James Bond fan got us to thinking about the output of James Bond fans by decade.

There has been a long-term trend of fewer movies. 466 more words

James Bond Films

Never Say Never Again - Film Review

Wait, what’s this? Sean Connery is back as James Bond again? And in the same year as Roger Moore’s James Bond is gallivanting around in ‘ 636 more words


Judge can't resist 007 puns in box set ruling

A federal judge in Seattle on Aug. 3 issued a 14-page ruling by a consumer who bought a James Bond box set marketed as containing “all” of the 007 movies but didn’t include 1967’s Casino Royale and 1983’s Never Say Never Again. 175 more words

James Bond Films

Never Say Never Again and Canon

Oh boy. That’s right folks, we’re getting weird today. When I first decided to do this little project I wasn’t really sure if I was going to tackleĀ  2,247 more words

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