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I ain't doing that!!!

When I began quilting, I chose fairly subdued fabrics.  I had a tendency to lean towards blues, browns. burgundy’s; and gravitated towards material that displayed busy prints.   407 more words


Never Say Never

Good morning and happy Monday my geeks! I hope your weekend was full of great adventures, I know mine was. I did something this weekend that I thought I’d never do, and never have the courage to do. 1,029 more words

Quote Of The Week

Never say never

It’s funny how often I look back and think of the times in middle school and even freshman year of highschool that I had told myself, convinced at that moment that there was something I would never do, someone I’d never be. 564 more words



I said I would never go back and it was my full intent to never darken the door of the place ever again. I actually only went one time, but the life lesson learned was immediate. 1,668 more words

My Mother Said She Never Would.

Before you have kids, and even whilst you’re pregnant, it’s impossible not to speculate about how you will raise your child(ren). A combination of your own upbringing (either wanting to emulate it, or do the complete opposite to what your parents did), seeing how friends and family members do it, and what you see in the media: together they create a miscellany of ideas in your naïve brain. 852 more words

Lost In My Mind, In This World Of Mine

Feeling driven and suppressed, motivated and defeated in simultaneous waves. What exactly can I call this place I’m at in life?

With a running list of “to dos” I come home to defeat. 789 more words


Never Say Never

Disclaimer: I promise this has absolutely nothing to do with the Justin Bieber song.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was my first “big girl job” (aka, I wasn’t working at an ice cream shop anymore). 980 more words