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Tasting Never Series by C.M. Stunich : Discussion

TAGLINE: The best series ever! I just adore it!


Title: Tasting Never, Finding Never, Keeping Never

Author: C.M. Stunich

Format: Kindle

Buy the book on… 6,426 more words

Sobrang saya ko talaga noong naging “concert photographer” kuno ako haha. First time ko, and sobrang na enjoy ko.

Iba pala talaga kapag nandun ka na sa moment na… 171 more words

Never say never

You are at this juncture for the reason. It is not just for you it is for many many more. So never say never. Never say quit. 438 more words

Expecting the unexpected.....LIFE....

Life is all about expectations and then when the unexpected happens, we feel so lost isn’t it?? Phases of life…Ups and downs…as they say….are just a few of the terms that we use when we are in that stage of life which we do not enjoy…i guess its just one of the chapter’s of our lives but as we keep reading the book, we find a lot more chapters relating to the same topic but with a different situation, and it constitutes a lot more pages in a book!! 646 more words

Travels & Life

Just GIVE UP already

“Give up” a phrase which keeps coming back to me every night, making me wonder why I chose this impossible career in first place? Why not go with the profession of MBBS, fashion designing or even home economics and language learning, basically anything but this? 447 more words


Lessons from an Overused Cliche

Disclaimer: To start with, I hate the cliche never say never. It’s redundant, overused, and always gets that Justin Bieber song stuck in my head. The cliche has been relevant in my life though, so I feel obligated to talk about it, no matter how much it pains me. 793 more words

The Sky is Crawling!

Hi!  First off  I would like to thank everyone who read and/or shared my article in Mind Body Green and Mamapedia. The article has now been read in 64 countries and shared nearly 10,000 times. 179 more words