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Complacency: A Big Mistake Some Creatives Make

“The further you get away from yourself, the more challenging it is. Not to be in your comfort zone is great fun.”  446 more words

The Road To Self-Empowerment

Unexpected Lessons

Life is filled with the unexpected. These are things that can be good or bad, but each day we are filled with the unexpected. It can be difficult to trust God in these moments, because these life moments can be hard. 1,427 more words

High School Homeschool

I can’t even believe that I am writing this. My oldest, LBB (which stands for LittleBoyBlue; called so because when the kids were little, my sisters and I frequently kept each others’ kids, and to tell cups apart, we color-coded all of them – his favorite color was/is blue, so the name stuck) turned 14 in December, which means that as of June 17 (when we ended our school year) he’s officially a high school freshman.  1,011 more words

Rambling Thoughts

Daily Code Challenge: Day 12

Yes, yes. I know. It has been almost 3 weeks since I have posted anything. The Kilted Artist blog is currently on hiatus and i haven’t posted elsewhere due to either being business or depression (and anxiety added to that at the moment). 235 more words


“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”
― Aristotle

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Daily Code Challenge: Day 11

Yep, I feel behind on this as well.

squares = []
for value in range(1,11):
    square = value**2
for square in squares:

This is from Python Crash Course.

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Daily Code Challenge: Day 10

ipAddress = input("Please enter an IP address: ")

position = 1
segment = 1
number = ''
errorMessage = ''

for digit in ipAddress:
    if digit != '.':
        # we havent got a full stop, so we should have a digit
        if digit in '0123456789':
            number += digit
            errorMessage = "Error in position {} in section {}, invalid character {}".format(position, segment,digit)
        # we have a full stop, check the length of the number that we've built up so far
        if(len(number) == 0) or (len(number) > 3):
            errorMessage = "Error near position {} in section {}, each number must be 1 to 3 digits".format(position,segment)
        number = ''
        segment += 1
        if segment > 4:
            errorMessage = "Error near position {}, IP address contains more than 4 segments".format(position)
    position += 1
    if(len(number) == 0) or (len(number) > 3):
        errorMessage = "Error near position {} in section {}, each number must be 1 to 3 digits".format(position, segment)
    elif position > 16:
        errorMessage = "Error: IP address can not be more than 15 characters, {} found".format(position)
    elif segment != 4:
        errorMessage = "Error near position {}, IP address contains {} segments, 4 required".format(position, segment)
        print("ping {}".format(ipAddress))
if errorMessage:
    print(' ' * (position -1) + '^')
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