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Be The Change...

….as a high schooler I learned about Gandhi. We had to do some assignment with quotes. My friend, Crystal got the quote “An eye for an eye makes the world blind” and I remember being in awe of the quote. 570 more words

Be The Change

My Summer on Film :: Lessons learned

Sometimes you just need to do something for yourself. This… this is for me. I recently bought my first film camera and its simply for fueling new creativity and passion… I started thinking. 389 more words


The Write Time

I am done with assignments. Yesterday, five days late and bloated with repetitive citations from a single academic resource, I handed in my last ever essay. 1,146 more words


Success Without Struggle - With Deepak Chopra

Just as always, a little message has come from the Universe at the exact right time. This little beauty has just popped into my inbox from the world famous Deepak Chopra, and as it’s something I feel quite strongly about I thought I’d share it with you. 517 more words

Design Your Life

Tips for an awesome camel walk

Meet the camel walk! In my mind, it’s the most iconic slow move of ATS®. And it sure is pretty, look:

This blog is about why it’s a tricky little beggar of a combo, and how you can train to make yours more awesome. 980 more words


I got distracted...

Today, I was supposed to bring you the next installment of the Maslow and Food series… but I am sorry to say that I was distracted. 141 more words



when i stop learning i am dead.

i could never stop learning.

i LOve that aspect of music.

it can still excite in the minutia of analysis… 30 more words

Me And My Defects