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Week 8 - Watching full Season 1 of new Netflix Brazil serie "3%" in Portuguese in one day

In a world sharply divided between progress and devastation, people living in extreme misery dream about going “to the other side”. The youngsters celebrating their 20th birthday are given the chance to make it to the “better side”  but only 3% of the candidates succeed. 119 more words


10 Things that you don't know still

We have brought to you the 10 things that you don’t know still. This is internet babe, so lets learn.!

1) Mahathma Gandhi once wrote a letter to his friend, not to wage war, and the friend is Adolf Hitler! 163 more words

Did You Know?

February 8th

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

It’s errand day in the Weinreis house!

Grocery store, gas, returns, Tractor Supply, and one of our favorites – the library! For those of you who don’t know, Paul and I don’t have wifi at home …. 101 more words


"Plans are useless, but planning is everything"

Regular productivity books focus on doing more, Personal Kanban is a productivity method that wants you to focus on doing BETTER. Despite our best intentions, life has a way of becoming complicated. 847 more words


Babies on Babies on Babies

Anyone that knows me knows I’m literally (ok maybe not literally but as close to as you possibly can be) allergic to babies. I’ve never been a fan of the idea of having kids and even starting a conversation about why sends me into a tailspin. 401 more words


Week 0 - How I decided to learn something new every day

When I started my new and 4th corporate job in January 2016 I quickly realized that the problem was not the companies I had been working in nor the projects I was getting into. 907 more words


Starting Over

So when I originally started this blog it was 2013 and my partner had just asked me to consider having a baby. If I had thought then that I was going to age badly then I really had no idea. 143 more words