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Do You Look Forward to the Weekend?

Many people live their lives looking forward to the weekend. Are you someone that looks forward to the weekend? Unfortunately, 99% of people are living their lives like this. 413 more words


Get Rich Quick Scheme!

The most common question I see in the world of entrepreneurship is “How do I get rich quick?”. The number one answer is “you don’t” and rightfully so that should be the answer. 627 more words


Get Involved!

With the creation of mobile devices and social media and all these devices that take the social interaction out of life, the amount of introverts seems to continue to rise. 664 more words


Efficiency is KEY!!!

Many people always want the fame (and time) and fortune… quite honestly I’m one of those people! I don’t blame you, why wouldn’t you want the time and money to do whatever you want, whenever you want? 731 more words


Social media junkie

Todays’ video

Social media junkie

You know today is Feruary 27, right?! And March is in 2 days. M A R C H! Didn’t I just put the Christmas tree away? 827 more words

Until When?

Let this day begin

Let it rain on me again

Like it did when I first decided

To run from the fate

Of not fitting in. 95 more words


Must be OK...Whitey's on the moon

Gil Scott-Heron don’t ever stop. The man always nails it.