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Never stop create!

Found a beautiful post at Harsh Reality that reminds me again of the importance to never stop someones creativity. Always encourage such thing as drawing, painting, writing or other art-forms if the person feeling good when doing it. 217 more words

What Ever/Övrigt

Holding hands, dancing and saying “I love you” is for everyone in love, not just the young.


Life is full of many lessons, once one lesson is learnt another is sure to present itself.


Life is full of miraculous moments, believing helps you to see them easier.



Write till
your hand bleeds
Moving fingers
Mind feeds
Do you care
If no one reads

Crazy words
without chains
Thoughts to
make you Insane… 20 more words


at least once more

you are
hail on a car windshield from cloudy skies that have threatened rain all day
abrupt and overwhelming
sharp and obnoxious

almost instantly comforting… 68 more words