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Standard Operating Procedures...

1. Wont work with criticism.

2. Appreciation helps.

3.  Gifts and goodies improves performance.

4. Use the word “shopping” with caution

5. Handles multitasking with minimal effort. 286 more words


Working With a Co Worker Who Can't Accept When They Are WRONG!

How do we survive in the office when we have so many obstacles to attack each day?

From the awkward ‘hellos’ in the hallways to the hundreds of emails… and lets not forget the passive aggressive supervisors who voluntold you to take on extra work. 339 more words

Authorspotlight at Jennah Scott's blog today

I’m over at Jennah’s blog, answering some questions about Never Wrong and Grenzen.

Check it out.


I wish you all a beautiful Sunday!



Tuesday Tickle over at Kate Lowell's blog

An exclusive excerpt of Never Wrong waits for you! Don’t miss it!
Kate Lowell’s Blog

My NaNoWriMo project, a sequel to Never Wrong, is also coming along nicely. 96 more words


If you believe that love is never wrong...

…you should check this one out:

Please let me know what you think of it!

Dean believes love is never wrong, but is that still true if there’s a twenty-one year age gap? 143 more words


In about a week...

…I can call myself a published author. On November, 7th, my very first book will release.

I think it’s time now to show off the cover and share the blurb with you. 143 more words


Meet my Character Blog Tour

Meet My Character

Thanks to Matthias Williamson for inviting me to introduce one of my characters.
Last week was Matthias’s turn and you can read his post about Drum here: … 351 more words