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Never Give up on Neverland

I love to read.  Just walking into a bookstore instantly makes me happier.  I love a good hardback, wreck numerous paperbacks by bending the covers and devour kindle books on my paperwhite.  656 more words


Take me to Neverland

Being a young-adult is tricky. No one will ever tell you it’s easy, and that’s the truth. I’ve had hundreds of moments where things got overwhelming and I daydreamed myself to a happy place AKA Neverland. 756 more words

Adele Louise

All children, except one, grow up. That's me!

Peter Pan has always been my favourite book, every since I can remember. What’s not to like? The ability to fly, fight pirates, swim with mermaids and live on a magical island, who would want to grow up? 638 more words


The Malfoy Problem

Preface: This is a post in which I make a confession, rant a bit, cry about my poor misunderstood loves, then make some thoughtful points on the dangers of loving villains. 1,222 more words


The Letter In Which I Wish to Fly to Neverland and Never Come Back

Dear Kay,

The first official posting on this blog was the 7th March 2014. At that time I was ‘halfway’ through my first year of University and you were in your first year of your apprenticeship. 324 more words


It's Not About the Spike

It’s Not About the Spike

Or, the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up

By Galan* Rupp

I was hurt by the accusations. I’ve done my best to represent this country, and I’ve proven time and time again that the American Dream is real. 1,004 more words