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Unsettled: Episode 2

The rumble of thunder grew louder as Mavis sped past the Coldwater city limits sign and up to the first traffic light.

“You know, Mavis, there was always something about this town that made me uncomfortable,” Ray confessed. 1,812 more words


#26 Neverland vs Reality

The way I live my life isn’t normal, I don’t accept the normal way of life because I think it’s dumb. Work a job more days than you don’t, save up some of that money to hopefully one day have enough to do nothing for a few years until you die? 512 more words


#21 Settled

It’s 5am on a Friday the moon is brighter than I’ve seen it for a long time. Another week has passed, Just flown by. Doing the same thing I did last week and the same I’ll do next week. 397 more words


#17 Purpose

In life its hard to know your purpose, we can’t see into the future, we can’t know whats going to happen if we choose one path over another one. 359 more words


#11 The changes of time

This morning I woke up with the Tuesday blues. This usually occurs after a big weekend of partying just a little too hard, you have no dopamine left and your body just needs to be super bummed before you can return to normal. 434 more words


#7 Fork in the road

Have you ever reached a point in your life where your offered an opportunity that could change the course of your life for ever? Something that is bother terrifying and really exciting at the same time? 266 more words


#6 Life is beautiful

Have you ever woken up just stoked on life, not really sure why? When it seems like every other day, no particular reason but today just feels good.  388 more words