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Review written by Flossie Waite
A Tom Penn & Battersea Arts Centre co-production

Reviewed at Durham Town Hall as part of TakeOff Festival
For ages 1 – 3… 462 more words

Children's Theatre


I’m the stuff of dreams.

A recurring setting from an old memory, brought to the anterior only in sleep. A fantastical land you created that cannot be replicated. 192 more words


The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia

As a Southerner, born and bred, I used to take great offense to sweeping over-generalizations about the South and people from the region; that everyone from down here is stupid, racist, ignorant, inbred, illiterate, toothless, etc. 680 more words


Neverland in Manila

Have a night without any worries because Neverland will give you a 2 consecutive days of greatest party that you’ve ever experience.What are you waiting for? 67 more words

Neverland, featuring Savannah Rain at Neverland Pavilion, Video!

Have you been to Neverland yet? Well, here’s a little preview featuring Savannah Rain at Neverland Pavilion, the venue on this extraordinary Calas Galadhon Park 2016 Halloween Build:) Did we catch you incognito?

SPOOKY SUNDAY: Neverland by Douglas Clegg

Staying on task with my Spooky Sunday goals this week I read Neverland by Douglas Clegg. I found this book through a Halloween reads recommendation list and while it’s probably not something I would have picked up on my own it definitely made for interesting reading. 653 more words


Blog Tour: The Wave

When μ returns home to find a sinister screenplay has arrived from Brazil it propels him on a quest to track down a character he believes to be called Ddunsel. 744 more words