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I don’t remember you much. I don’t think about you much, especially since I crossed the bridge of puberty. Crossing the bridge saved me in so many ways. 490 more words


The thing is…he’s just like Peter Pan—the one who doesn’t want to grow up and is very afraid to. And maybe, I don’t want to be his Wendy anymore; for Peter Pan is still a boy and Wendy needs a man—someone who can look after her and not some boy who’s still busy looking for treasures, fighting with swords and looking for never-ending adventures.

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I saw this mermaid once
Found her singing on a rock
Her lovely voice resounded
A melodious mystical tune
In all corners of the cove… 167 more words

Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast Trailer

I know this movie is probably already out, but oh wells. I can’t watch it until it’s on Netflix lol.

I love Tinkerbell. I want to cosplay her one day lol. 97 more words

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Relationship Goals... I think

Please play this song as you read this so you can feel the feels.

Sam Smith’s music has me feeling some way right now, I can literally cry at this very moment. 949 more words



So why do I have a new blog name? As a huge fan of Al Stewart (my favorite singer/songwriter) and an admirer of the fiction of Kurt Vonnegut, I wanted to go with… 382 more words

My Novel is #1 in the Mashups section of Amazon.com!!!

Friends, Romans, Countryfolk!

My novel, The Fall of Peter Pan, has reached #1 in the Mashups section of the Amazon eBookstore!! I was excited enough when it was at #4 a few days ago, but now?? 89 more words