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Christopher Booker Rights A Wrong From History Giving Neville Chaimberlain His Due ...



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Christopher Booker Rights A Wrong From History Giving Neville Chaimberlain His Due … 799 more words


Good Men Go To War

For want of any news to extol my views on to you, I thought I would write a little something relating to my dissertation. My chosen topic, assuming it will be accepted, is to re-evaluate the roles of Sir Austen Chamberlain and David Lloyd George in combatting the policy of appeasement in the 1930s. 1,503 more words

Daily Photo - December 30, 2018

The Kendrick house, former home of Dr. Walter Kendrick and family and, prior to that, the family of British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain.


Woody Allen: "The Heart Wants What it Wants"

Allen said this in response to criticism of his marriage to his step-daughter in 1997. He was very astute, perhaps more than he realized as the declaration merely meant, “I want what I want and I don’t have to explain it to anyone!”  He realized that marrying your own step-daughter was, at least…shall we say “awkward”; but, the desire of his heart prevailed. 426 more words


Taking the blame is May’s primary duty as Brexit PM

History reveals her role of national scapegoat for popular policies proved wrong

By Andrew Gimson

The main constitutional, indeed psychological function of any British prime minister is to take the blame when things go wrong. 731 more words

Robert Harris: Munich

Harris’ FATHERLAND, set in historical Nazi Germany, was a tour de force of Alternative History. Thank God, then, that Harris now returns to Germany-in-the-past, this time to offer a book of “faction” focusing on British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s calamitous journey to Munich to appease Hitler and hand over the Czech Sudetenland to the Nazis. 42 more words