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New Year

There’s only 15 days left of summer for me. 15 days left of working, color runs, going on hikes, and taking online classes before I move into my beautiful sorority house in Boulder to start recruitment and classes and a new year with new friends and new beginnings and new professors and new schedules and new, new, new. 893 more words


Coming Soon...

There are a lot of fun things going on in the Tyree Tomes world right now! Three of the most exciting (to me anyway) are the new line of… 310 more words


Subject of Love

Okay, so lets dive right into the deep posts.
See, love has always been a big deal for me, I don’t trust easily, and when I do, its a… 606 more words

New Patron is here!

Welcome some Patron Citronge to the Broadway Liquors family! Come in to get your bottle of this new summer time loving tequila!


Ello my Bae-rritos

Hello, I’m Kylee, and life for me, isn’t exciting, but its my life and I have some good moments and some wild moments. This is where I plan to tell stories of my younger whore days, or my bad-ass thug moments, all the way to now, where my dull, 17 years old life has come to a slow, dragging whine down.
XD Enjoy! :P