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Larry Chin: "steering the masses towards total war"

Larry Chin writes the latest in our series challenging the narrative of the “new 9/11”, offering different perspectives on the Paris attacks, all of which are largely ignored by the corporate media. 1,322 more words


James Corbett: "how governments terrorise the public"

as part of our challenging the narrative of the “new 9/11” series, this article from the International Forecaster asks ‘has Paris really changed everything?”

The meme has already been floated: “Paris changes everything” according to the terrorists in government who stand to benefit from the changes that the Paris terror attacks are bringing about. 984 more words

Empire Watch

Nafeez Ahmed: "NATO is harbouring the Islamic State"

As part of our challenging the narrative of the “new 9/11” series we publish an extract from Nafeez Ahmed’s latest article, which can be read in full… 767 more words

Empire Watch

Tony Cartalucci: "West Leverages Paris Attacks for Syria Endgame"

as part of our challenging the narrative of the “new 9/11”, Tony Cartalucci tells us why he believes the Paris Attacks will be used to create another Libya… 1,424 more words


John Pilger: "From Pol Pot to ISIS: The blood never dried"

Following the ISIS outrages in Beirut and Paris, John Pilger updates this prescient essay on the root causes of terrorism and what we can do about it. 2,010 more words


Paul Craig Roberts: "More Paris Puzzles"

As part of our series exploring different points of view on the “new 9/11”, Dr Paul Craig Roberts questions the official narrative.

Some people who are not inclined to believe the official story of the Paris attack are troubled by the question why Muslim suicide bombers would blow themselves up for a false flag attack. 810 more words