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The Long Way

Sometimes it feels as if we’re alone in our decision making processes. We feel utterly alone in a world full of people. How does that happen? 974 more words


The Plague of the New Age Movement: Charlatans, Frauds & Liars

The search for life after death can lead us to the types of people who profess to have a connection to spirit.  These may be psychics, mediums, spiritual teachers, channelers, gurus, and religious leaders.  1,455 more words


Info, disinfo and more disinfo

Oh I had to post this, because we are in big trouble – humanity, that is!

This guy is very well describing the problem of shills in our media – we are aware the mainstream is lying to us, and we seek the truth, so we go to the alternative. 407 more words

A Return To Love

When the student is ready the teacher will come.” We all at some point or stage in our lives seek answers to life’s questions. 543 more words

Melodically Meaningful

Night & Day-Good & Evil

Night & Day-Good & Evil
I placed the words it in that order for a reason….because they are connected. It’s about BALANCE! Some people do want to believe GOD is in control of everything. 598 more words


New Age

New age movement and meditation skills
The new age movement is not as new as the name suggests, and has been around for a number of years. 534 more words


Recently, the pope was said to have created a ‘miracle’. Do you know what that’s all about? I do. The Roman Catholic Church wants you to believe the pope is equal to Jesus Christ or GOD. 6,617 more words