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I'm giving up spirituality... 

I’m tired of the spiritual community. Spirituality has become too commercialized. Tons of people are selling what I like to call “spiritual fluff.” Stuff no one really needs but because they know how to market and sell well, people buy it. 356 more words


Surrealism and New Age

Surrealism, founded by André Breton in pre-war Paris, is largely forgotten as a movement. When Breton’s old apartment and contents in the Rue Fontaine were sold a few years ago, including his library and collection of artworks, the public authorities could not be induced to buy them, so they were dispersed by private auction. 253 more words


Personal SoulClass - Day 5

  • Okay…so during the weekend I obviously didn’t record any of my “findings.” However, good things happened. I saw my Energy Healer/Medium friend and she let me know that all is well with me.
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Jean-Claude Juncker has been talking to aliens....


If you didn’t already know that the leadership of the EU is satanic/freemasonic you do now!

If you haven’t already, I really recommend you click onto… 54 more words

Glastonbury mud-bath belies the spiritual significance of the 'ceremony'

Glastonbury music festival is more a spiritual ceremony for the dark forces than anything else. Dark forces, and evil spirits control the music industry, and the artists they put forward for the public to see, hear and idolise, are those which get the public to behave in ways which suit their plans – debauchery, suicide, lasciviousness. 550 more words

Bolshie & Brazen - no more "Ism's"

As you can see, I’ve been fiddling with the site name again, basically because the one I used previously was really long and over the top. 912 more words

Deliverance of Water Spirits PT4

Chapter 4


How they are worshipped?

There are many ways people invoke the power of water spirits through worship. Some of them are listed hereunder: 1,237 more words