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Bizarre Cult Origins

These are leaders of the various cults. Hubbard was a writer of Science Fiction before Scientology but if you look at the origin of Scientology with Xenu did Hubbard ever stop? 114 more words


Fringe Groups

there are new religious movements coming almost every week from all over the world each with their own perspective. It’s very annoying. 1st Corinthians 15:1-4 provides the believer with the gospel that saves so why do we need all these artificial means? 93 more words

New Age Movement

Christadelphian Cult: Part 3

as in all cults the founder, in this case John Thomas, builds his theories on his understanding of scripture. Thomas borrowed heavily from Unitarians to build his foundation for Christadelphian beliefs. 230 more words

False Doctrine

The 'New Age' Movement Is Deadly

“And the person who turns to mediums and familiar spirits,
to prostitute himself with them,
and cut him off from his people.” 539 more words


Abad Yang Bodoh - A Very Stupid Century

oleh DR Stephen Tong

ABAD 20 ini saya sebut sebagai abad yang sangat bodoh, a very stupid century. Saya tidak terlalu cepat mengambil kesimpulan ini sebelum menganalisa kepada paruh terakhir abad ini. 3,038 more words


Patricia King New Age Witch

this video is about New Age witch Patricia King. She believes you don’t have to study the Bible anymore. I knew this was coming to that sooner or later.Patricia King

New Age Movement