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The Dancers

Through ancient shifting sands of time,

Two souls interlocked sublime,

Dancing in ecstasy to continuous unheard music,

Like sand falls endlessly through the hourglass of Time.

There Will Be A Day

There will be a day probably in the not too distant future in which we as a race will be forced to realize that our pride does not matter and that our flags do not unite us they divide us . 273 more words


A Spiritual Satire - The Enlightenment of Moonbeam

Spirituality, Meditation and Energy Healing

A Spiritual Satire – The Enlightenment of Moonbeam

About a year ago, I joined a meditation cult…ahhh…I mean…group.

One of the first members I met was a young woman named Moonbeam.   1,037 more words





Gregory Waits, Jr.


It is, as well it should be,

assumed that loved ones

of all stripes from friends

to family will remember…

1,524 more words
Cocktail Molly

The Unbelievable Truth by Gordon Smith (Author)

Gordon Smith, the internationally respected Medium and author of the bestselling autobiography Spirit Messenger, astounds people with the accurate messages he brings from the ‘other side’. 211 more words

New Age

Do You Believe or Know? What's the Difference?

There’s a big difference between Believing and knowing. Belief is a theory, something you speculate on while Knowing, in your own mind at least, is Fact. 202 more words


Somewhere Between X and Millennial

Everyone she knew was getting married or having children. This made her cry. Not hysterically, but enough to be noticeable. Her friend held her hand, whispering terms of comfort. 54 more words