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Peace & Harmony Abide in True Reality

“No leaders and no followers are needed. This is quite obviously an old way of thinking. While no one is called to evangelize, all are called equally to represent the truth and to observance of the truth.” (ACOL, T3:21.24) 322 more words


Black Cat Blue Sea Award

Hey guys, seems I was nominated by a follower for this thing? Thank you, Everyday Dusty .

Her three questions were:

1. If there was one thing you could change about your personality, what would it be? 335 more words


Kissing Joy as it Flies by Jason Elias

Kissing Joy as it Flies: A Journey in Search of Healing and Wholeness by Jason Elias is about discovering ones true calling towards the healing arts. 95 more words

We are Creators!

What we think, we create, so go ahead and create the most beautiful day!

Are you having a hard time thinking positive thoughts?  Start here:  “Enlighten Me – A Simple Guide to Finding Happiness”   24 more words

Gospel Movie "Honor and Dishonor" (1) - Reveal the Mystery of God's Name

From “Jehovah” to “Jesus,” and from “Jesus” to “Almighty God,” why does God take different names in different ages? What’s the significance of God’s names? This film clip will show you the answer. 169 more words

Eastern Lightning


I always struggle finding books – especially new age/spiritual ones. I can go into any modern book store and see a decent amount of them. But none of them really speak to me. 59 more words


How Giving Is Receiving

(St. Germaine)

Here we are! Let us begin.

The subject of allowance is now most prevalent.* Allowance is everything! When you allow any other to have the RIGHT and PRIVILEGE of choosing, of doing, of being that which they desire, you automatically earn that right and privilege for your self. 89 more words