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Gender Today...

I would like to start off by saying that I am in no way against feminism, I just think it’s strange how female independence, although an amazing development has produced some very prevalent problems to how society was, let’s say 50 years ago. 340 more words

My Discovery of Wicca

This is the story of how If found my way to this path. Its not an easy story to tell. Its also not an easy one to hear. 2,204 more words


Lagari Hasan Celebi – The First Rocketeer ;-)

The contributions of the Islamic civilization are vast and I’m amazed at how little people are aware of this. I once heard a hypothetical question posed “How different would the world of today be if Islam never existed?” Many answered there would be peace, there would be no terrorism or no extremism. 1,866 more words


Language As A Prison?

I love words. I have for as long as I can remember. But, I must confess that I’ve often had the sneaking suspicion that words (especially the English language) are a sort of game we become mired in, like a maze, going deeper and deeper until we’ve lost sight of reality. 355 more words

New Age

Yoga and the art of relaxation

It was sod’s law that the day I’d signed up to my first yoga class I found myself sitting in a motorway traffic jam 30 miles away and running late. 663 more words

New Challenges

The Magic of Storms

I love storms. There is something so magickal and pure about them. From a light rain thats perfect to dance in and celebrate life to an all out lightening spectacular that leaves your chest just a little tight with some unnameable fear, they are all magick. 411 more words


First reading with the Sirian Starseed Tarot

This is my first reading with the Sirian Starseed tarot cards. I drew three cards to speak to my present situation, and to develop a connection with the deck. 150 more words

Tarot And Oracle Card Readings