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The Free, Comprehensive Plan to Quit!

The Smoke Free Plan

Welcome and congratulations for choosing a The Smoke Free Plan! Not only is the information free, but it works.  This can be a solution to help you navigate the rough terrain of addiction and recovery.  2,325 more words


The Last Party

author’s note:

The Earth is like a spaceship with didn’t come with an operating manual.
— R. Buckminister Fuller


In only a few hundred million years… 151 more words


Why You Should Do What You Love, No Matter What!

Wayne Dyer left this world recently, but Wayne has changed his role in life many times.  I can remember when his constant droning on my sister’s cd player in her car on trips to the islands drove me crazy to the point I wanted to shout “Please, enough already.”  It is ironic that she initially introduced me to Wayne Dyer, and today I am probably the greater student of his works.   227 more words


What is Spirituality?

Spirituality, Meditation and Energy Healing

What is Spirituality?

What, actually, is spirituality?  Ah…the million dollar question.

Based on my experience and point of view, spirituality is the authentic experience of the Universal Life Force Energy (The Divine, Chi, The Universe, Collective Consciousness, God, etc.).  199 more words



Tvingat är mig nu att vara något övertydlig och yttra några självklarheter.

Långt inne i skogar, inne i berg och på andra platser; och givetvis i de andra Världarna, så lever det högre tillståndet av livet. 876 more words


The Occult... Dum Dum Dumm Dummm

How To Un-Occult The Occult

When it comes to a system for propagating mind control, and we’ll be going over that a LOT more in the time to come, one must have a system in place by which the nature of that system is build on two characteristics for it to be effective. 1,420 more words

The Occult

Who Do You Say I Am? - Host: Fr. Mitch Pacwa

Who Do You Say I Am?
Host – Fr. Mitch Pacwa
Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. uses Biblical teaching to dissect the New Age Movement and expose its flaws, faults and deceptions. 2,159 more words

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