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The Beginning of my Quest

I explained the clairvoyant experience that convinced me clairvoyance is genuine in: “ Surviving Death”: the following stories pre date this:

My first experience was seeing someone’s aura at the Gawler institute:                              I also attended a psychic group run by the lady who ran the meetings at the Gawler Institute.           618 more words


Dear Ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory. Let’s talk more about serving God, the divine. Serving God means honoring yourself, loving yourself. This is a very important first step (which can be a difficult step for many.) Search your heart. 44 more words

December 2013

Sorry about that...

Some of you may need to borrow this photo… lol. We’re out of retrograde finally, so we can all resume our regularly scheduled programs.

Spirituality And Metaphysics

4 Ways Your Spirit Guides Are Trying To Connect With You

Who Are Your Spirit Guides And How Can They Help You?
By James Van Praagh

Life can be complicated! Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate through it alone. 504 more words


Daily Chakra Oracle Reading (May 23rd)

Today’s chakra oracle reading brings us Victim from anahata (heart chakra) and Instinct from sahasrara (crown chakra). Sometimes we try to do things before we are ready, when we do not have the strength or are not grounded enough to face the challenges of a new endeavour. 127 more words