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Now We Know that We Are Safe

“Atonement, or correction, is not of you but of God. You might think of this in terms of nature and look upon nature’s ability to correct itself. 375 more words


Green Aventurine: The Luckiest Stone

Green Aventurine is the most prosperous and luckiest stone in the world! It is also known as the gambler’s stone, as gamblers will often carry a piece of this in their left pocket……with great success I might add. 236 more words

The Zodiac Man

I present to you the Zodiac Man and Woman

  • Aries – head, face, brain, eyes
  • Taurus – throat, neck, thyroid gland, vocal tract
  • Gemini – arms, lungs, shoulders, hands, nervous system, brain…
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Energy wheels pt. 5 - the western approach

In last covering of the energy wheels it became clear that when we are talking these, we are basically describing the question of awareness. In that way work on chakras really is all about being aware of different levels of oneself and vice versa – of the world, as they are both not separate but units, constantly in interaction in between one another. 1,081 more words


Enjoy your ride!

Get ready for increasing clarity making all things vibrant and alive. It is an ongoing process now. Enjoy your ride!


(Visual: Hot air balloon – departing OZ for Home! 12 more words


The Music Muse

Rather than let these music posts begin to bury my other posts I’ve decided to combine (most of) them on one page. I’m not sure how many I can include before they begin to slow down the page. 302 more words


Move toward the Love that Gives Us All True Peace

“You will clearly see all of the choices that throughout your life have been made in love and made of you a person you would not be other than. 303 more words