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Nurturing with Nature

I’ve always felt drawn to mysticism and new age theories.

I’ve dabbled in crystals, readings of many kinds and of course yoga over the years. Yet I never really went beyond the surface of any of it. 376 more words


author’s note:

As they say in the movies: “based on a true story”.


by the power of my life
I tried to bury myself… 47 more words


How To Stop Procrastinating - 7 Tips

Things are changing pretty dramatically for me at the moment -and i’ve been using that as an excuse to put off all the things I’ve been wanting to do. 785 more words

Am I Really a Gypsy?

A lot of people have been asking me lately whether I work or not. Whether I am in Mumbai, Delhi, Himachal or somewhere else in an unknown corner of the world. 729 more words


To Speak of Pain

To Speak of Pain

It has become usual for us,
that sensation when a bandaid is ripped at once,
goes on forever , leaving an imprint on our mind. 210 more words


Why Don't You All Go Take A Walk !!!

Walking meditation, also known as mindful walking

brings you into your body and unites you with the spirit of nature.

Keep your eyes straight ahead with out staring or strain. 89 more words