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What if, when someone asked you, “who are you?” You replied, “I AM.” (I didn’t mean to yell at you, but this is important), how would people look at you? 509 more words

This Week's Tarot, 24-30 Oct 2016

Note: No Tarot card pic for this post because The World popped up. This card depicts nudity and, in accordance with its ad policy, Facebook doesn’t allow me to publish it. 795 more words



“Come! Let us step through the portal and into the Light!”




We must each make a concentrated effort for ourselves to receive the healing energies, otherwise it is like trying to fill a teapot with the lid on.


Indigo's the Color of Your Energy, pt 1: When a Made-Up Gluten Allergy Isn't Special Enough

“I am an indigo child, and you are a crystalline child.”

These were the words my sister’s crazy ex-roommate used to break up with his girlfriend. 1,032 more words


This Trip Will Change Your Life by Jennifer Monahan

Full title: This Trip Will Change Your Life: A Shaman’s Story of Spirit Evolution

This is a firsthand account of Jennifer Monahan’s discovery of her spiritual path and budding abilities as she becomes a modern day shaman. 628 more words

Book Review

Spiritual Advice That Bites You In The Ass

Fundamental law of Spirit: Thou shalt not give advice, for Spirit will verily drop thine ass into the exact same situation and thou shalt taste thine own medicine. 309 more words


Anwaar Ali - An Orphan's Dream

Artist: Anwaar Ali
Title: An Orphan’s Dream
format: CD / Digital
Keywords: new age, ambient
reviewer: Willem van O.

Being a guitar player and music producer might not exactly make you think of the music that Anwaar Ali dropped on his latest album. 384 more words