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Contemplate Gently Today

“Let us now consider “thinking” to be the active and often unwelcome voice “in your head,” the voice of background chatter. And let us consider your “thoughts” to be the more meditative version of your “thinking,” often even resulting in a conclusion to your thinking, a summary of the finer points, as what might come to you in a reflective moment at the end of the day. 561 more words


Daily Tarot

If you have stumbled upon this post, then that means that it is time for you to learn the delicate dance between the rational mind and your intuition. 57 more words


New Moon/Solar Eclipse 2017

New Moon/Solar Eclipse 

By Ruby

A New Moon/Solar Eclipse comes together on Sunday February 26th in Pisces and has a very important message to deliver about a new chapter that’s unfolding now in your life. 769 more words



Sharing your Light instills a comforting balm within the HEART of those so graced by your attention, be it by prayer or presence.


Time to represent.

The “present moment” itself is the product of recollection.

"Let me just check that"

“Let me just check that”

Had enough of seeing misquotes or misleading claims go unchallenged? Tired of shallow or misguided slogans and memes? Or simply curious and wanting to do your own research into the origins and background to some New Age claims? 6 more words