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Spirit of Place: My Back Garden

The wheel turns as we head into winter with Samhain just days away (5th of May at 11.34am EST Southern Hemisphere) and yet my garden is showing signs of life not dormancy as expected…got to love nature! 7 more words

When I Look Into My Eyes

author’s note:

I can’t find the word “re-awareness” in my dictionary…

But it should be included. Because, in my experience, that’s the nature of awareness: gained, then lost. 297 more words


Cosecharas lo que siembras.

Después o antes de todo esto alguno/as dirán Karma. Je !bueno!,¡¿ por qué no?!, otro/as dirán para nada, también!:
Dicen que quién miente, engañado será, esto debería valer para que quien amor da, amor deberá recibir. 103 more words


Good Fences Make Good Neighbours (with a bit of Magick)

I’m going to get a little “witchy” here for a moment, so stay with me even if that’s not your cup of tea (you may find this post relatable if you have neighbours.) 1,115 more words


Negativity Hurts!


Once upon a time there were three little bushes. One little bush said to the other little bushes.

“Please be good, else we die.” 217 more words

Collective Consciousness

Star Trek: Voyager - Sacred Ground (Review)

This February and March (and a little bit of April), we’re taking a look at the 1995 to 1996 season of Star Trek, including… 4,131 more words

Star Trek: Voyager

Awaken the Spirit: my recommendation

This book commissioned by Jay Jeffries is available in the US, and I can connect ministries to a little lower price. For those of us who have friends and family in the Pagan and/or New Age Communities who also are into Jesus, this is a perfect book. 75 more words