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Preschool Poor, and The New American Dream

You know what “house poor” is, right?  That’s when a person spends more than a proportionate amount of their income on the home, which usually leaves them strapped for cash for other bills, and you know, life. 136 more words


The... Beginning

2014 is almost over. This means (to me, at least), new days, new goals. I won’t go so far as to say I have a New Year’s Resolution, because I honestly try to be a better person every day. 975 more words

DVD review: Miami Connection

Anyone can see these are rather sorry days for cinephiles, audiophiles, bibliophiles, or any other sort of aficonado of physical media.

Driven by a spiraling circle of bad economics, an entire industry of artistic expression and the appreciation thereof has lost its century-long footing, with records and CDs, as well as the various forms of collectable video and literature, falling prey to the viscittitudes of shady business dealings on the part of Wall Street traders and big banking; prices spiralling out of control on major appliances and automotive based on a new paradigm of leasing vs. 1,357 more words

Third Eye Cinema Podcast

The (New) American Dream

Hello John,

It’s Monday, October 15th,

I have noticed that the new American Dream isn’t to actually become successful or to actually have stability in your life.   824 more words

The Gears That Grind

Straw Bale House in the City

Humans have been creating homes out of the Earth for as long as we’ve existed.  It’s only recently that we’ve been building structures out of synthetic materials that may emit hazardous chemicals into our living spaces, and have… 519 more words

Steps Back To Nature