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How to Cope with Negative People

The world is full of negative jerks, and we might even need a second immune system to deal with all the negative people around us! Whether a family member, a coworker, or even your significant other, there is always some dark cloud trying to ruin our otherwise perfectly sunny day. 669 more words


Are you down? Talk to me

You ever get down?  I mean really down.  Like the lowest of the low.  Like so low you don’t think you can rise up again.  Like your heart aches and something massive is just sitting on it and won’t let up.   592 more words


Nessa's Love is Like...What?

There is a theme to this post: OTP, which I learned means ‘One True Pairing’.  I’m talking shippers, or those who make their own relationship pairings of characters in stories.   771 more words


Presenting Our First Traditionally Published Author

We are excited to present our first author selected for traditional publishing –  author Heena Rathore P.

We opened our submissions late last year and received a total of 16 manuscripts for consideration. 457 more words


Price Promotion-Ends Sept 30th

No Other Way by Jackson Sullivan offered at special pricing. Begins at 99¢ and progressively the price increases to the full price over the next week. 47 more words

WoolysWagon EPublishing


From the unpublished book


Coffee Table Art

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I thought it was time to lighten things up a bit. 324 more words

Latest review: The Changelings by Christina Soontornvat

By Ekta R. Garg

September 14, 2016

Rated: Bookmark it!

A girl moves to a new town with her family and thinks any chance of friendships are doomed. 564 more words

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