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Can I do this again?

My husband, who is currently a stay at home dad to our 17 month old, told me last night that he’s starting to feel like he wants to go back to work. 531 more words


"Get your mitts, off my newborn" and other things I wish I could say outside my head. 

I blame my parents for this one.

I’ve been brought up so well (Go Mama!) that I find it increasingly impossible to tell someone No. As if I’m petrified of insulting a complete stranger, who could be a serial killer for all I know, I’ll keep quiet and allow them to do whatever it is that they’re doing which is usually not in any circumstance close to OK. 674 more words


Frustrated? Stressed? 

We have all been there. Stressed about money and adult things. Working as much as possible to meet these goals that we have.

I was working 40-70 hours a week at a job I hated. 382 more words

A Little Motivation

Baby Selfies

When I was pregnant with Henry, I wasn’t sure I would have that severe obsession with Baby #2 like I did/do with C. How would my heart handle that? 57 more words

New Baby

Sweets From Strangers

“Don’t take sweets from strangers” is a pretty standard rule we make kids learn at a young age.  Drum it into them.  Don’t take sweets from strangers.   693 more words


Lindsey and Derek are Having a Baby!

My sweet, sweet wedding clients from earlier this year just found out that they’re expecting!
I am SO (so so so so so) excited for them.   10 more words

Successful Day!

Yesterday felt like a pretty successful day. After taking Charlotte to school late (oops), Henry and I stopped at our favorite coffee joint for an iced almond milk latte. 415 more words

New Baby