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The Worst Sleeper... EVER

Guys, remember when I was barking up Henry’s tree for his great routine? Remember when he was doing 5-7 hour sleep stretches?

Well, I’m having a hard time remembering because it’s been SO LONG. 208 more words

New Baby

The Pressure of the perfect day

So, today was bank holiday, gloriously sunny and unfortunately the last time you’ll get a long weekend if you work full time, until Christmas! Yeah, suck on that one for a while, depressing huh? 419 more words


Babies Ruin Everything: the life, and the book (Swanson and Behr)

 Babies Ruin Everything, by Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr. MacMillan, 2016.

Dr. V’s take:

*deep breath* Okay.

I took my kids to the library today, and it did not go well. 650 more words


Day: I've no idea anymore...

I’ve not written for a while, so figured while the mini one is napping, I’d grab my opportunity!

A few things have changed since popping out the mini one… 223 more words

New Product!

Introducing a fun new product, baby month and milestone stickers! Click here to view in our etsy store and order your set. Professionally printed on matte stickers which are perfect for photographs, no glare! 54 more words

Southern Twist Designs

Weekly Update

I definitely meant to post wayyyyy more this week, but it ended up being a very hectic week. So I figured I would just do an update to what I’ve done.. 456 more words

Post Grad

Departing can be harder than swimming in butter

So tonight I attempted for the first time to leave my partner in the house alone for the beginning part of the night shift, giving our 3 month old his last bottle before bed, he usually does this on an evening after we bath him together and I float around in other rooms doing what we mums do best and I like to call super speed house sweep where we run room by room like a lunatic tidying at the same time as making tea, showering, preparing the house and clothes for the next day as well as trying to fit in a wee break haha. 438 more words

New Baby