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Are we ENOUGH ? 

Our days are filled with therapy, docotors apts, traveling, teaching, studying aches, pains and complains, repetition and diaper changes…..many many MANY diaper changes.

Everyday, I try to focus on a to-do list and a skill that Theodore and now Oliver need to learn. 694 more words

The crunch

It was around when my baby was six months when i decided to go back to school. I had underestimated how hard it was to study when one has a child, by day student and by night parent. 513 more words

Young Parent

These are a few of my favorite things...

My blog has definitely taken a pregnancy turn…sorry if it’s boring you, it has pretty much taken over my body and life–so I think it’s safe to say I think about it often. 1,406 more words


New Mummy?

Are you a new Mummy?

When I say new I don’t mean like new new, like literally just popped a baby out of your noonie or had him/her pulled out the sun roof. 309 more words


Aldi Baby Event 

I love the Aldi baby events, they’re so good for pregnant ladies, new mum’s and mum’s with a little one. I’m sadly not a fan of the Aldi nappies myself after having two bad batches of sticky tabs, but I would be tempted to try them again. 47 more words

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Amelia apparel 

One of my favourite patterns is tartan. It’s perfect for cosy winter days and can be dressed up or down. Yesterday we took Amelia-Olive to her first trip to the cinema (LaLaLand 👌🏻) and for a little play with her nanny. 65 more words

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Introducing Solids at 4.5 Months

A lot of times, parenting is just watching for signs of readiness. Those signs of readiness don’t always line up with recommendations of the AAP or WHO or the santimommies of the world so it can be nerve-wracking to decide if you should go with your gut or just hold off. 523 more words