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My New Baby

I have a very exciting announcement! I have a new baby. And no, it’s not the human infant sort. At this point in my life, thank goodness for that. 283 more words

My Newest Addition

…and it’s not a quilt. Although, I do have plenty of quilts in this post.

My daughter, Philippa, arrived on November 13, early in the morning and in a hurry to get here. 327 more words

A Quilt Story

I am what I.... or should that be we are what we?: Thoughts on early pregnancy

So, dear readers, in approximately 6 months time I am what I will become we are what we as I’ll be welcoming my first baby into the world. 471 more words


A Letter to our Daughter and Son-in-Law

Our daughter and her husband are having a baby! We’ve known for several weeks and have been wanting to share their news with the world. And now we finally can! 500 more words

Memories In A Daughter's Heart

So what else is new?

Firstly, and most importantly, a new grandson!

Our elder daughter had been away travelling for nearly a year and had decided to pop back from Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa and all places exoti, and take time for a visit to mum. 173 more words



We all hear none stop how breastfeeding is best for the baby it boost there immune system, it stops them from getting ear infections, stops them been overweight when older and how its amazing for mum it boost there weight lose, it helps prevent cancer along many other things its been said to do. 898 more words

New Baby

"Work in Progress" motherhood!

Once upon a time, a mother was helping her seven year old daughter prepare for a scholarship exam. “Hyakutake is the name of the comet”, said mom to which the kid daughter replied: “When I grow up, I am going to name my kid that”. 2,027 more words

Random Musings