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A mother is born.

My little sister gave birth to her first child last week in the late hours of the evening of July 20th,  just before spring officially turned into summer in the changeover of the solstice and just like that the world is a little brighter, the future more full of wonder. 1,052 more words



The new state (for me)  of grandmadom doesn’t even get a google red squiggle – and  I thought I’d invented a word.

The birth of a baby; a real baby, not the book, that must now wait, no time for all that now. 310 more words

new baby!

winslow margaret  |   born 6.15.17  | 6 lb 9oz


Product review - Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball 

Newborn babies have fuzzy vision that slowly starts developing around their 3rd month. Babies’ hearing starts developing in the womb, when they can hear their mother’s heartbeat amongst other sounds that are still indistinct. 201 more words

Baby Tales

Cradle Me

Parents and caregivers know that babies like to look at all kinds of diverse faces. Faces that express different ranges of emotion are best. The vibrant baby photographs in this board book are great for developing little brains and sparking curiosity. 219 more words

Picture Book Reviews

Bracing Yourself For A New Child In The House

Whether this is your first child or you already have others, bringing a new member into your household is a big event. You need to set aside space, create time for them in your routine, and ensure the rest of the family is ready to adjust to the big change. 539 more words


Trying Not To Be The Judgemental Mom

Before I had my little one I was so open minded.

I still like to consider myself open minded, but some things especially when it involves children, completely blows my mind. 602 more words