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Little Brothers

Who: Little Brothers, who are, apparently, brothers. Whoda thunk? Brothers Michael and Tony Weis team up with their friend Jason Anderson to record in Michael’s basement studio and write awesome songs for … their own amusement? 317 more words


Low Cut Connie

Any regular / long-term reader of this blog will know that I’m a really big Ladyfingers (aka Adam Weiner) fan; I’ve written about a couple of Ladyfingers albums already and love them so much, I never feel like I’ve managed to do them justice. 330 more words


7: Kate and After

Who: Kate and After

What: Indie pop, in a general sense – boisterous and cheerful, great for dancing about the room and singing along to. 165 more words


6*: The Black Knights

Who: The Black Knights

What: “Voodoo trash blues”, as described by the band themselves. To me, they sound exactly like an unholy union between The Black Keys and Queens Of The Stone Age. 195 more words


Day 4: Amanda Merdzan

Who: Amanda Merdzan

What: Semi-cutesy indie-folk that’ll definitely put you in mind of Kimya Dawson.

Where: Perth, Australia

Why: Honestly, I can’t vouch for anything but the song offered below, I haven’t had a change to listen to more yet, and it’s not like this is a brand new sound or anything. 105 more words


Day 2: Stars and Sons

Who: Stars and Sons

What: Pure indie pop, done up very lush and kind of explody.

Where: From Brighton, UK (just a fun coincidence that yesterday’s band was from Brighton, MA) 142 more words


Day 1: Royal Hideouts

Sorry I had to leave you all for a while, but I’ve spent the last three weeks cleaning out our inbox in order to provide you with some lovely music. 319 more words