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Slayer Blog : Week 1 - Self Portrait

Hello all, I’m doing a new blog series with MamaSlayer.com. (She’s my Mom.) We’re going to be creating a blog post a week and creating a photograph to accompany the post. 432 more words



Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…
“Closing Time” Semisonic

The thing about time travel is that it’s much slower than people think. You can only go second by second, minute by minute, day by day.  289 more words


First blog post

In the beginning of July 2016, after a very sudden, almost impromptu decision, we packed our house back in Canada and moved halfway across the world to the city of superlatives: Dubai. 2,483 more words


Rip it Up and Start Again

I’ve just climbed into bed with some buttery toast and a cup of green tea with coconut that I stole from the girl living here. This room is on the third floor and at the back of the house. 327 more words


New Beginnings

Today is my first day at university. I’ve been trying to picture this day for the past two weeks and it was never something like this. 193 more words


Tomorrow is kinda a big deal

Tomorrow is a new beginning. Tomorrow, I set off on a new adventure.  Classes are beginning again and it’s stress and excitement as usual, but this year is not going to be the same at all. 348 more words

A New Chapter

So, it’s been around a year since my last full length post (I was totally right about it not being the seventh trumpet) and now I have more of a personal emphasis going on here. 648 more words