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Today I made my first covenant with Heavenly Father.

One of many to come.

New Beginnings

To Whom It May Concern

I’m trying something different today.

As of recently, I have been struggling on what to write. My entire goal with writing was to try to have a positive influence on people’s lives. 961 more words


Fall, Falling, Fallen

Fall has been beautiful here in my corner of the world. Because we had a cold snap which has been followed by an incredibly long warm (even hot) spell, the leaves turned the most brilliant colors and then stayed for an unusually long time. 655 more words


Tuesday - Heavenly Father is Constant Like the North Star

Forgive my back and forth. I come from a religious tradition that calls the name of God – God. I am still getting used to Heavenly Father, which is why I added a section to this piece, to reflect that understanding and respect for Him. 2,200 more words

New Beginnings


Rise up from the darkness
Oh sweet one,
Open the drapes;
Let the sunshine in!

Shed the heavy blankets
That cover your soul;
Bare your nakedness… 76 more words

Hello 30's: A New Journey Awaits 

So everyone says 30 is the new 20. So I guess for me that means a do over.

I turned 30 in August not really sure of my place in the world. 187 more words

Not another one....

“Another blog on weight loss” I hear you sigh, in fact I can picture your faces now: Exactly the same as mine every time someone talked about the benefits of not eating, doing loads of exercise and simply winning at life. 719 more words