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Keeping It Fresh!

Today I thought I would write about keeping your pet’s food clean and fresh….

There are so many articles online about using special types of food containers to store different types of food. 404 more words

Cat Love

The Romantic Affair...

She looked over sheepishly, wondering what to do next,

All it took to scare the daylights out of her was a simple message from him in the form of a text, 151 more words


Winter Solstice - The Shortest Day

Stonehenge was positioned on a site-line that points to sunset on the winter solstice to celebrate the shortest day and longest night. I suppose that makes it the world’s largest clock.   56 more words


A long time coming!

Y’know that home in Spain we’ve been talking and dreaming and thinking and planning about since forever?

Well, see this?

That’s it! It’s really it! We finally did it! It’s ours!

Family Life

Cerebral Thunder

Those of you that read this blog with a little intent will know that I’ve been mentioning a big change job wise recently. You’ll no doubt have also noticed that yet again I went missing for a while. 1,048 more words


the love story that unfolded

So, I wrote about my friend, her husband, and their love story.

And today adds a new chapter in their love story because once again her husband is off to work for several months. 306 more words

Happy Saturday, Happy Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a huge celebration – parades, floats, beads, king cake, and more – which begins several weeks before the official FAT TUESDAY.

Like many things, society as moved from the roots of our traditions to a commercialized or completely different type of celebration. 256 more words