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The Journey Begins

Why I have decided to write a Blog

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my new Lifestyle blog!

Growing up I have always enjoyed helping people and giving advice, following my own experiences. 365 more words

New Blog

Redness Relief in (4) weeks? Thanks Amazon!

Good morning gorgeous!

So today I wanted to mention a product that I purchased for my husband on Amazon that has worked wonders for his skin. 165 more words


Room for a small one

I’ve just spent the last hour running a bath, bathing myself and then having the small one in the bath with me attempting to wash her whiles she is determined to drink the bath water or drown herself. 516 more words

Getting to know me

First post. Inaugural post. The pressure is real! (So real I started this 3 weeks ago and I’m only just now coming back to it. Just kidding – mum life, am I right?) 330 more words


Bucket Lists and good friends.

Growing up, everyone has “that” cousin. You know, the one that you are inseparable with. The one you love just a little more than the others. 681 more words

Some people can’t handle chill

While Social Media use is widespread today, only very few people know how it truly works.

Zach, when you read this, know that not everything posted on social media is everything the person who posted them is. 109 more words

Playing With Makeup 2

Hello Readers,

I have been thinking to do this Playing with makeup kind of a series here on the blog because I’m the kind of person that would sit down to do my makeup just to be lounging  at home, and what better way not to waist makeup that taking pictures and writing my thoughts and opinions on the products I have on than making a blog post every time i feel inspired -that its not often -I’m more a mascara, concealer, and bronzer kind of girl- 367 more words