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The Who. The Why.

Who am I?

Well… I’m a girl. I’m an Indian girl. I’m a South-Indian girl. I’m a South-Indian girl who grew up in North India. I’m a South-Indian girl who can speak decent English. 181 more words

About Me


I have decided to create a WordPress blog. I hope you like it!

Hello World

Appalling people who won't help kid in T-shirt in freezing New York

What is wrong with our country if after two hours of NO ONE responds to an obvious need of a child freezing in New York. 34 more words


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I have no words. Humans can be so cruel and full of themselves. And others...

Parenting in the Wild


Just awesome pics of animals and birds with their young.

Beautiful, and wild :)




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Ah the love of mothers, and fathers. No matter what species they are. <3

Writing my first blog post as my page was looking pretty pathetic.  I’ll introduce myself.  I’m Amy.  I am a 20 year old college student (my birthday is March 7th, so for all intents and purposes I suppose I should say that I’m 21).   402 more words


Seeing a Picture of My USMC Recruit Boyfriend at Boot Camp!

My boyfriends mom surprised me a couple days ago with some pictures she found on a Facebook page!

There is a parent and family/ friend support group on Facebook called… 247 more words

New Blog

What's the difference between Americans and yogurt? Leave yogurt alone for 200 years and it will grow a culture.

Cynicism aside, greek yogurt is one of the greatest things I’ve ever consumed. Likewise, so are chickpeas. So how can I combine these? Well, by  520 more words