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Cute & Inexpensive Room Decor Ideas

Last fall I switched rooms in my house, and I now have a better and much bigger room! I have spent the past few months arranging and decorating and I’m LOVING the way things are going. 317 more words

I'm Not Sure What I'm Doing

Working Hard, Or Hardly Working?

To kill time at work when I have absolutely nothing to do but need to look as though I am busy, I started to send myself journal entries via email.   403 more words

Boy Trouble


Today I’ve been thinking about how to use this blog and what kind of thing I want to write about. Whilst I’d like it to be informative to others it’s also somewhere I’d like to track my own progress. 188 more words


To Start

The beginning is always daunting, but the end makes you anxious. Starting a book, settling into a movie, watching the cursor on the computer screen blink, they all hold promise of something new to experience. 505 more words


My Father's Hands

You can read my newest post on my new blog if you click on the link below. I will be phasing this blog out, except for notices about future retreats. 12 more words


Fuck your Valentine's day

Valentine’s day – what a load of shit.

Or at least that’s what I’ve been saying for the past ten+ years, along with “fuck it it’s pancake day the week before, I’ll just get fat and lock myself away for a few days because nobody loves me then buy all the reduced chocolate the day after Valentine’s day, for myself, just to add to my fat loneliness then complain that I’m fat and question why nobody wants me.” … 539 more words