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Recent, unsuccessful adventures in the kitchen...

Some of you may have noticed that my recent posting pattern has been somewhat different to how I started out, in that I’ve been rather quiet in the last week. 566 more words


Still Writing, Still Crazy

I started a new blog at the beginning of this year about being the caregiver for my mom, a part of my attempt to write my currently crazy life a little more sane. 110 more words

Wednesday 23rd August 2017 - Not Nelson! Wait, Mandela or Admiral Horatio?

This morning there was outrage about disabled parking becoming chargeable in a hospital car park in Surrey. Let’s just say I’m with the hospital on this one, and several councils and other hospitals who charge for parking in their car parks, regardless of whether you have a blue badge or not. 1,059 more words

Why neighbors should mind their own business..

Being a law student is not the best thing in the world. The main exams for the semester had lasted for a month. Totally exhausted and literally irritated I walked back home all set to have a heavy lunch and doze off for at least an hour or two. 845 more words



It begins, as good things so often do, with a message in a fortune cookie. Eerily specific, I thought it best to follow the guidance. Otherwise, it could end badly – like that one time when I didn’t forward a chain email to the correct number of people within three hours, and our pet cat died seven months later. 283 more words


People Change

You meet new people. You have the time of your life with these people and realise how unhappy you are with others. These experiences with these people make you so inexplicably happy that a part of you forgets about the world and certain people. 77 more words