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1 : 0

Sometimes dreams come true just if you try to do something to achieve them. That’s exactly what this evening I am attempting: make my dream become reality. 258 more words


1: i can't focus. / tips for studying with adhd

Hello everyone,

Firstly, welcome back. Thank you so much for the positive response on my first post, it means a lot to me.

It’s exam season in the UK at the moment, and I’m taking AS exams – external exams taken the year before your final year which help to determine your place at university. 1,265 more words

Finding my way

This is a new blog, run by a teenager, so who know who’ll actually read any of my posts. But I really like the idea of having a safe place to post my thoughts, ideas, and just anything I think of that I want to share out to the world. 91 more words


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Here goes on my new venture, my blogging journey.

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Short Sermon: Natural Expressions

It’s not to many benefits when it comes to suppressing your feelings you only burden yourself in regards of your emotions.

Allow yourself to be furious, allow yourself to be gloomy, allow yourself to be heartbroken, allow yourself to feel betrayed, allow yourself to feel disappointed, just allow yourself to feel. 111 more words


The age of the Insta-blogger is over.

Instagram influencers are everywhere- literally. People with under 10k followers are “micro” influencers, and the ones with more are (for the most part) influencers with over-inflated egos. 476 more words

Baby Blogger

Trusty Sidekicks: Yeast Doughnuts

When you think about a good coffee sidekick, you almost automatically go to donuts – I’m actually surprised at myself for not doing this one first instead of coffee cake itself! 392 more words