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Is It Worth It?

Lets research it…

Paid book reviews and the independent or emerging author.

Is it worth the cost or the effort? Good question. Here’s my take. 729 more words

Amy On Writing

Day 2 - A day of madness

Hello everyone and how’s everybody doing and I hope you all had an fantastic day.

Today has been such a crazy day that I send my apologies for posting up my blog so late so I thought today I would share a little story about what happened at work today it was absolutely crazy. 215 more words


Are mums even allowed to be ill?


So I’m ill. Not even man flu style, just fully ill (I have a slight tendency to be dramatic about a minor cold sometimes. Just sometimes). 183 more words


Welcome to my first real blog

Thanks for joining me! If you’re reading this, let’s be honest, I’m surprised. I’m not even sure if anyone reads blogs anymore. I’m putting this post out there – launching it into an endless chasm of space and time, and it may never meet with any other eyes but mine. 135 more words

Autumn Fashion - My Top Picks

Hi guys,

Autumn is 100% my favorite time of the year for fashion. Jumpers in particular are what I live for.

I thought I’d Share with you all some of my top fashion picks for this Autumn. 114 more words


Autumn feels from the Valley.

Yesterday was a busy day! We had loads of stuff to catch up on at home and a home education project to do with our son. 394 more words


The Why Behind the Blog

For a while now I have wanted to start a consistent blog, but I always struggled with the why behind it. My life seemed pretty ordinary with my work, school, sleep routine at the time, but the desire was still there. 516 more words