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Day 5: What are your favorite comfort foods

Comfort foods are foods that make you feel all warm and happy inside. To me almost all foods make me feel that way, haha but I do have a few favorites! 89 more words


Day 6. Wonderful Day

​Hey guys !

It’s day 6 and what a great one to boot. Eating get the right foods sure does give me the energy for life’s tasks. 226 more words


Day 1: Discuss your current relationship

Well, I don’t really know that there is to discuss haha. I met Joel in 10th grade in math class and the rest is history..But for real. 343 more words


The next 30 days

Long time no see! In order to get back into the swing of writing my sister who has her own blog and I are going to collaborate on a 30 day writing prompt challenge. 56 more words


Lessons from inspiration

Inspirations, role models, whatever word you wish to ascribe, there are always people you look up to and say, “I want to do what you do, and you have given me the encouragement to do it”. 1,007 more words

New Blogs

Hie everyone.  

Assalam o alekum…

I dunno how many hijabis have faced this but now its been 4 years since i started wearing hijab and as i walk down the streets i face hell lotta things… i dunno but i feel they see me differently as if i don’t belong to this place (Earth). 237 more words


About my blog

Please don’t mistake me for a regular blog. My blog is slightly different, it all about the fashion industry and a bit of my own fashion. 59 more words

New Blogs