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The Intro to the Intro..

Hmm, how shall I start this first official post?

Let me first explain that I opened this blog while I was heartbroken after a really bad ending to a recent relationship. 463 more words

8 Things you realise when you start blogging

As I’m pretty new to blogging but already completely addicted, I decided to list a few things that you quickly realise when you begin entering this wonderful world! 487 more words

Posts And Reviews

Hey, we got nominated for the Bloggy Awards 2015

It is a proud day in the Arena indeed, as Geekend Gladiators has been nominated for the Philippine Blogging Awards 2015! 150 more words

Geeky Leaks

We can't have nice things

So one of my favourite games to play is Halo and the next installment, Halo 5: Guardians, is due out 27th October. To say I’m hyped is an understatement, eagerly awaiting any information that is released and pouring over every detail (and watching the videos over and over) 1,263 more words


How I Became Me (One)

Hey, kids.

So, I thought I’d participate in Kai’s new thing, where he’s explaining his life story. I will be calling mine by a different name, so we don’t get ours mixed up, but essentially, it will be my personal life story. 925 more words

Couple Blog

2 More Awesome Awards For My Blog

Hola! It’s the weekend again, and I am posting about winning an award. Again. I should just set up Award Winning Saturday or something like that, right? 1,041 more words

Best New Bloggers

Liebster Award!

Hey there, loves! Today I’m super excited to write this because I was nominated for my first blogging award created to draw attention to new up-and-coming blogs. 406 more words

Beauty Blogger