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What I Did At Hong Kong..

Staying At Hong Kong for a few weeks and what did I do?
I came to hong Kong almost 2 weeks ago and I didn’t come directly to hk. 276 more words

Everyday Life

My interview with Dr Michael Licona

This was the first and indeed only (to date) interview I have done. I did this when I ran a small apologetics website called “Evidence2Hope” and decided to try my hand at doing interviews. 49 more words

New Blogs

The New World

The elections are over. We have all experienced a process that by some is seen as the greatest human right we can have. But I cannot say that we have experienced Democracy, and I see people crying for a fair process and being manhandled by police in the street. 808 more words


Same-sex marriage and apologetics; stick with what you're good at

It’s always been odd to me that apologetics websites get involved in same-sex marriage, because same-sex marriage has nothing to do with the truth of Christianity which is what apologetics is about. 914 more words

New Blogs

Let me introduce myself...

Hi there!

I’m Holly and welcome to my blog! This is my first time ever doing this so I may suck at it at first. 208 more words

Larry Rant

So! Hello everyone! The struggle is real when you are a high school senior with low morale and high expectations. Here I am to try and apologize as to why exactly I’ve been gone.. 538 more words

Fandom Blogs

⭐️ My dream ⭐️

Hi I’m Erin and I’m 14. This is my blog. I have always wanted to make a blog about beauty but I couldn’t keep up with it. 142 more words