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4, 750 Miles & A Thankful Heart

Whoa, long time no blog, huh?

Well, if I my blog and Instagram is all about truth and vulnerability, then I guess I’ll have to honest with you all. 518 more words

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Waterstones Book of the Year Shortlist 2015.

With Christmas a mere ( 29?) days away Christmas shopping is on everyone’s mind whether they are conscious of it or not. At work we are frantically putting together the last touches to our Christmas campaign and gearing up to announce on December 1st the company book of the year for 2015. 363 more words

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Don't blame the game

With tragic shootings taking place in Aurora, Winsconsin and Newtown in recent years, along with the 2 bombs set off at the Boston marathon in 2012, people are naturally asking the question, “why are these things are happening?”, and questioning what’s happening in the world generally, particularly, was there anything influencing these people to carry out the attacks and behave in the way that they did? 1,819 more words

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Quick thoughts on this banned prayer ad

So unless you’ve been hidden under a rock or in a country where the internet really is censored, you’ve probably heard of the decision by Digital Cinema Media (DCM) refusing permission for the Lords Prayer advert to be screened in cinemas. 573 more words

New Blogs

Liebster Award Nominations

So this is my first time being nominated for a blogging award and I am so honored. I’m just really glad I have found such a wonderful community of people who have experienced similar things and who leave such helpful and kind comments and who write blogs that truly inspire me. 590 more words


Two New Blogs & A Revamped One


This is now where I am putting all my Scotland Photos as I see more places and catalogue the places I’ve seen.


This is where I will be placing all my poetry from now on too, I figured it makes sense to keep my blogs to specific themes rather than all in one place which can be a little hard to follow. 166 more words


The Liebster Award – Discover New Blogs

New England Nomad graciously nominated me for the Liebster Award a couple weeks ago! So thank you so much for your nomination! Anyone that is ever looking for something to do in the New England area should definitely check out his blog! 1,200 more words