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My name is Alison I am a Christian, I have faith and I was told to ‘turn the other cheek’.Over the last few months, I have struggled with turning my perfectly made up and highlighted cheek any other way but straight ahead. 645 more words

New Blogs!

A Call to...Keyboards

Hullo everyone, I am in need of your help! I was nominated by the lovely Grace Anne for the Versatile Blogger Award. Because I am so new to wordpress, I wasn’t quite aware of what this was, but that didn’t stop me from feeling honored…and letting my mom and boyfriend know. 162 more words

Let's Bowl It Agile !!

Hailing from a country, I exactly know  Cricket here is considered as “Religion”  than a mere sport .

The passion accelerates to sky-scrapping heights   when there is an India-Pakistan match scheduled; the whole country literally throbs to a nerve-breaking dip. 621 more words

New Blogs

Life Lessons

Learned a few nifty things over the years and feeling in the mood to blog, so enjoy it bitches.

  • Never skimp on the important things: Mayo, Ketchup, Shoes,  Makeup/skin care, Purses and Perfume.
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The Liebster Award

Here it is finally, the post all of us are waiting for!!!

Firstly, a big thank you to lovely fellow blogger from Neat Habitat for thinking of me and for this nomination! 489 more words

Colourpop Lippie Swatches

Hello, my name is Miriam a.k.a mommy/mimi and im addicted to buying lipsticks that i may or may not need. But 9 times out of 10 i do need, because I mean who ever said “no i dont need this lipstick even though it looks like the 5 other ones i have at home” no one ever! 267 more words


OOTD: Baby Dedication

Yesterday was Mothers day so to honor us mothers the church that we attend decided to do a baby dedication ceremony. I didn’t want to dress Kason in a tuxedo because i thought that was a bit too much for me so i opted for something more relaxed, i did the same with Kamilah. 67 more words