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7 Reasons to Read Romance Novels

In her post Why Smart Women Read Romance Novels, Anne Browning Walker makes the point that the romance genre gets a bad rap it definitely doesn’t deserve. 607 more words

Two Weeks In Spain

Fickle Spring

March in Transylvania: the weather is dithering. This morning:

Just now, at 3.15pm:

What’s your guess for tomorrow?

New Book

New Book: “Le grand frisson”

Le grand frisson (Éditions Écriture, 2017) is a new novel by journalist and filmmaker Franck Salin (also known as Frankito). It may be translated as “the great thrill” or “the great shudder.” The novel follows the first stirrings of love set against a backdrop of violence and strife. 258 more words


I write books about girls in high school, so I admit I do mentally return to those years as I’m sketching out the characters and getting the scenes down.

1,142 more words

Book Promotion: 32 DAYS IN SEPTEMBER 

Be it the 32nd of September

Be it 32 Days In September

May the matter find closure soon… 13 more words


As Nature Intended

Since presenting as an Omega at the age of fourteen, Elliot has been cautious and distrustful of the world around him. But he has overcome the obstacles of being an Omega, working hard to make a life that is successful and fulfilling. 70 more words

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