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Evergreen: A Brief Introduction to My New Novel

Set in a more sedate style and period of time than the first in the series, Plateau; Evergreen is the next novel in the series. 235 more words


Excerpt from my book, Remember Me as a Time of Day.

Order your copy today by clicking on “Bookshop” above or on Amazon.


Traffic Control

A short story about second chances and forgiveness.

An old love who inflicted a deep wound is back in Alaska. The woman is doing traffic control on the highway repair site. 333 more words

Top 5-Favourite Harry Potter whisper confessions+more

Harry potter fans are everywhere and everyone is so different and funny that it is really interesting reading anything written by one of them.These made me die of laughter so here are my top favourite Harry Potter whisper confessions.I hope you have a laugh. 63 more words


Top 5-Forgotten Characters

When you think of harry potter the usual Trio comes into your head -Harry , Ron and Hermione.Then following comes the main cast that everyone loves and who make the story as well.Then there are the beloved characters.But what about the lesser known witches, wizard, and wandless who populate the world of Harry Potter? 311 more words


Thank You

To my sweet friends, family and loyal supporters who have been continuing to visit my blog whilst I haven’t been posting, thank you so much. 38 more words