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South Korea cuts food waste with 'pay as you trash'

Chang May Choon reports in this Straits Times article about creative ways in which South Korea attempt to manage food waste problems and promote recycling. 33 more words

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Free fix-it lessons for better living

This Straits Times article by Samantha Boh shares about Repair Kopitiam.

Repair Kopitiam is an initiative to combat the buy-and-throw-away culture in Singapore and create a more sustainable future. 56 more words

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The Only Friend in Death

This Straits Times article by Ong Wee Jin shares about the founder of Luve, who takes on funerals of elderly folks who die with no next of kin pro bono, and sees to their last rites. 62 more words

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Repurposing Flowers for a Good Cause

Flowers at weddings are beautiful — but their beauty doesn’t have to end there. Those who donate their flowers can turn to businesses such as Repeat Roses that pick up flowers, repurpose them, and drop them off at nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices in hopes of bringing a smile to patients’ faces. 29 more words

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Pop-Up Stores Thrive in a World of Failing Retailers

Constance Gustke discusses the merits of the pop-up store in an article on The New York Times.

“Entrepreneurs like Ms. Morris are helping revitalize pop-up stores, a decades-old retail concept. 42 more words

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