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Inbound Marketing is Hot for Business in 2013

Talk to your customers instead of talking at them.

Inbound marketing is a hot business buzzword for 2013. Like most buzzwords, it sounds more complicated than it is. 106 more words

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Five Hi-Tech Business Trends

From smartphones to GPS navigation systems, technology is everywhere in 2011. Credit professionals’ growing need for mobility and access to real-time information, helping fuel increasing demand for mobile devices and spur the ubiquitous growth of apps, online services and social networks. 975 more words

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Crowdsourcing -Changing the Way Business Is Done

There is such great power and potential in the crowds! In his book “Crowdsourcing -Why the Power of the Crowd is Driving the Future of Business… 165 more words


Google Trends – Great Interactive Tool to Research Trends

Check out one of the newest interactive tools for trend discovery and trend tracking. The tool is still in its development stage: it can be found on Google Labs ( 64 more words

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Have You Gone Virtual?

More and more businesses are discovering the power of “virtual”. Fifteen years ago business magazines in North America started writing about “VIRTUAL COMPANY”. Virtual company became reality and proven business model particularly in the Internet age. 303 more words

New Marketing Trends

Google's Top Searches Reveal New Trends

Can you spot trends just by learning what people search? Yes, according to Google. Google processes all searches on its search engines worldwide and produces a report called “The Zeitgeist: general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era”: 51 more words

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Trends and Hottest Ideas for 2007 – According to Entrepreneur Magazine

Is your current or potential business considered “hot” for 2007? Maybe it is time to redefine your business to make it hotter? Remember, you need to reinvent your business every five years or so. 16 more words

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