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Sea Side Retreat

Hey there.  Finally able to get this out to you after a few busy RL days helping my baby celebrate her fifth birthday and then dealing with a sick hubby last night and today.  244 more words


What should Church be?

For many people, church looks like this at the most basic level

Yet remember that the angel said to the women who went to find Jesus at the tomb – … 980 more words

New Church

a thought on a sunday morning irony

We never can tell when a decision we make may or may not come back to bite us in the butt. I am realizing the saying, “What goes around, comes around” is very accurate. 434 more words

College Life

Poem - what Church really is

I dream of a world
where people understand
that you don’t
to church.
You are Church.

That service is what God wants,
not hymns, 66 more words

Religious And Spiritual

What Universally Reigns Governs Every Detail

From a passage in Arcana Coelestia ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

… if essential and not instrumental things are cared for, they shall have instrumental things in abundance. 568 more words

Emanuel Swedenborg

Good and Truth ~ The Universals of Creation

Passage from Conjugial Love ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

Since then the Lord God the Creator is Love itself and Wisdom itself, and the universe was created by Him, which is therefore as a work proceeding from Him,-it cannot be but that in each and all things created there is something of good and of truth from Him. 162 more words

Emanuel Swedenborg

The Other Christmas Story

We are all aware of the principle story surrounding the Christian biblical account of the Lord’s first advent. The story of God coming to earth and taking on the human form for the purpose of the salvation of man but there is a much more important story here, a much more monumental one for the Lord’s advent. 386 more words

Emanuel Swedenborg