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Kish and I try to be environmentally sensitive people.  We recycle religiously, we walk rather than drive if possible, and we generally try to do whatever we can to reduce our carbon footprint.  255 more words


Those Who Cannot Remember The Past Are Condemned To Repeat It

Formula 409 has new packaging. It’s understandable if you’re thinking, “What the heck is he ranting about now?” Truth be told, this is a bit of a rant. 377 more words


Crazy As A Coca-Cola Conspiracy

Not so deep in the history and psyche of America, rests the incident known as “the day Coca-Cola switched from their much beloved, and proven formula drink to a new tasting formula with a clever name to match.” OK, that wasn’t really the name of the incident, but….. 417 more words

New Coke

New Coke (Coca-Cola, 1985)

In 1985, Coca-Cola decided to reformulate its flagship soft drink and dubbed it “New Coke.” The New Coke originally didn’t have a separate name until 1992 when it was renamed Coke II. 238 more words


Milo To Follow Cadbury's Lead And Change Recipe

Nestle makers of iconic milk drink Milo have announced several changes to their recipe to appeal to new tastes.

Head of Nestle marketing Mike Nesbitt told… 223 more words

The UnAustralian

Adam's Fun Facts: How did Starbucks get its name? Who likes New Coke? High Heel Injuries & More

Who likes New Coke?  What was Starbucks named after and what was the name almost going to be?  How many apps does the average iphone owner have?  113 more words


Time Machine: "Coke Classic Vs New Coke"

When I was in college, a friendly security guard used to call me “Coke” implying that I might’ve been high on cocaine. Although I thought it was funny, I said to myself…’Alright joker, I AM high on coke, but it’s Coca-Cola’ my favorite drink which I don’t get enough of these days :-) 156 more words