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Diet Coke says millennials thirsty for new experiences, introduces four new flavors

Originally published by SacBee.com Jan. 10, 2018

The Coca-Cola Company is introducing the first major change to its popular Diet Coke brand since its launch 35 years ago with the addition of four new flavors and a new look as well. 190 more words

Daniel Wilson

Coke, dope, and the NFL

For 50 years it was my favorite cold drink.

Then they changed the flavor and it became my least favored drink. They called it “new” Coke. 305 more words

General Interest

Review: David S. Pumpkins - a Smashing Success

Finally something on SNL that wasn’t over-politicized crap 💩. See, the problem with blatant political humor, whether on the left or on the right, is that it often assumes that we are too stupid to get the message. 575 more words

Critic's Corner

New Coke - What Went Wrong?

Remember New Coke?

Even if you were born after the disaster that was New Coke, you must have heard of the “dark days” in modern American history. 341 more words

Advertising Campaign

Coca-Cola Releases Coke Zero Sugar

Dear The Coca-Cola Company:

On July 26, your company announced that Coke Zero was to be replaced with a new recipe, resulting in the drink Coke Zero Sugar. 448 more words

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Well, this is it.

We’ve begun the countdown to the end of the world, also known as The Doritos Great American Eclipse of 2017. I’ll keep posting right up until the last possible moment. 227 more words



April 23rd in history:

April 23rd is believed to be William Shakespeare’s birthday, in 1564. It is also the date when Shakespeare died in 1616 – and the date when his play “The Merry Wives of Windsor” opened in 1597, with Queen Elizabeth in the audience. 83 more words

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