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This President Thing

Some rollouts don’t go well. In 1958 Ford rolled out their new Edsel – and America laughed. This was “an Oldsmobile sucking a lemon” – the odd grill was unfortunate. 4,061 more words

New Coke Is Coming Back!

Last year brought us Crystal Pepsi and Surge, but 2017 could bring a retro taste that is only for the bold. 117 more words


They Started It, And They Still Missed It

Pepsi recently announced the “return” of Diet Pepsi with aspartame. This caused a big to do on a recent conference call. Aspartame was removed from many diet drinks due to consumer concern about health issues. 205 more words


The Imitation Game: Bad movies following good leaders

Who here remembers New Coke? Introduced in the 1980s, New Coke was a brand new version of the usual Coca-Cola formula designed more or less to try to imitate the sweeter cola taste of Pepsi. 1,230 more words


The Day the Hardworking Staff at Campaign Outsider Went Viral

Full disclosure: The hardworking staff has a small but deeply disturbed following at Campaign Outsider, and we appreciate each and every one of you splendid readers. 146 more words

Coca-Cola Classy: Runs NYT Tribute to Pepsi's Roger Enrico

Former PepsiCo chief Roger Enrico died last Wednesday, just early enough to get his due before all obits were swamped by Muhammed Ali’s.

New York Times obituary… 151 more words


April 23rd in history:

April 23rd is believed to be William Shakespeare’s birthday, in 1564. It is also the date when Shakespeare died in 1616 – and the date when his play “The Merry Wives of Windsor” opened in 1597, with Queen Elizabeth in the audience. 83 more words

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