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Happy 24th Anniversary:)

It takes my mother-in-law, once again, to remind me of my “Coming to America” anniversary on October 15th (yesterday). It’s been 24 years already? Actually, right now I should ask: “I’ve lived in Romania?” It sure feels like a distant dream, the land of my birth, a dream mixed with happiness and sadness:) 601 more words

Lyme Disease

The Introduction

Hello, and welcome to Moving Abroad, an in depth guide. Here you will find updated posts on specific tips to help you move abroad/learn more. I will be updating items I think are important based on my personal experiences. 155 more words

A New Country

Travelling alone

This is a huge thing for so many people but I have to say it is my favourite thing. The peace, the joy, the exploration of your choice. 677 more words

The New Country Class of 2017 - #941ClassOf

WHAT IS IT? A listener appreciation concert starring some of the hottest, new stars of country — and tickets are free! — But you can only win your way in. 144 more words


Over the water to Poland!

Part of the fun of travelling is experiencing new things!  A night sleeping in the van ahead of an early ferry to Poland.  This was not a tourist ferry, more a commuter ferry for lorry drivers!   103 more words

Travel Tips: Arriving in a new city

What to do before and when you arrive to make your life easier.

These tips are based on my experiences solo traveling around cities in central and Western Europe as a budget backpacker. 975 more words


Time to leave the shell

I didn’t know what it actually meant to ‘take time out for yourself’. I never thought I would be one of those people who would deliberately avoid people and social occasions. 402 more words