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Quick and Current Update - Ireland

Hello, friends! If you’re following along with my adventure on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll see I’m a couple of weeks into my travels – but still at the front part of my blog! 307 more words


Like a sunflower

Life is strange. No, not the game, but like real life, the one you and I find ourselves in. It’s a see-saw, nay, a roller-coaster, and okay, you could call it a game, except you’re not the one with the controller. 521 more words


Did I just make that huge decision without even realizing it?

I always knew I wanted to live in Ireland. It’s my favorite place in the world. I grew up visiting my family here once or twice a year, enough so to call it my second home. 433 more words

Music for 8/8/17!!! Brett Eldredge, Briana Marela, Dead Cross, Jack Johnson

@@@ Brett Eldredge: Brett Eldredge (Atlantic, 2017)  I love contemporary country, it makes me shit my pants!  This record is on the front of the Apple music home page and at the top of last week’s All Music notable release email.   548 more words


Granger Smith Shares Powerful Video Starring His Wife And Son

Granger Smith has been known to share more than interesting music videos over the years. It does not matter if they are shared under the name Granger Smith or his alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr., the only thing that you can be sure of is that the videos are going to keep you glued to your screen. 79 more words


Always hard to begin

This is my first post. Its always hard to begin. Especially if u are not a good writer…

In this moment, im in Mimizan. I really wanted to surf today but the shitty weather is chasing me since the beggining of my trip. 659 more words


Does a new country beckon? 

Human beings are nomads and their basic instinct is that of a hunter. A wanderer who sets out to explore better means of livelihood and to maintain its position in the food chain. 400 more words

Essence Of Life