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The NuDad - My introduction to impending fatherhood

She woke me up at 7:20am and elatedly shouted “its positive, its positive!!!”­­­

In my sleepy stupor it took me 10 seconds to work out what she was talking about. 458 more words


Let it out mate

This week it has taken a total of 2 hours and 25 minutes to get his highness to sleep, and I have had 2 nights off! 695 more words

Hello Mr Handsome Pants

On Thursday evening, on the 5th of November, just before the fireworks lit up the dark autumn sky, I went from being a dad-to-be to a dad. 416 more words


It's been a while.

Halloween 2015, Astronaut, Rocket-ship, and JupiterPumpkin patch

My buddy’s wedding.

Birthday celebration


As you can tell we’ve had a few adventures since I last updated this. 580 more words


The first, and most important step, to building intellectual curiosity.

In my last post, I talked about how the Wright brothers, the ones who invented the airplane, had a distinct advantage over other Americans because they had a family that encouraged intellectual curiosity. 481 more words


The Trouble With Due Dates

The world would be a very different place if all estimations of time were handled in the same way as due dates.

When would you like me to start work on Monday? 536 more words


Welcome Evie! 

Ok so really she got here like almost three weeks ago but this is the first second I have gotten to myself to actually sit down and have a thought to what to write. 247 more words