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Your moms thoughts in the shower. 

Hey kiddo- your mom is all fired up since your grandparents are here. She’s chirping like a bird from the shower. Here’s some of her gems this morning: … 123 more words

New Dad

Grandma and Grandpa Gray are here! 

Your grandparents arrived last night. We took them to Mellow Mushroom for pizza, then hung out and had a great time at home. Lots of talk about you! 10 more words

New Dad

The Baby Bump!!!! Week 18 

Hey kiddo- I can see you!!!

It didn’t appear that your mom had much of a baby bump, if any at all, until last Thursday. We went to get the gender reveal sonogram and mom layed back and pulled up her shirt. 222 more words

Grandpa Gray's first flight, First pieces of your nursery 

Dear kiddo,

Your Grandpa Gray has never been on a plane. They are coming out from El Centro, California, to visit your mom and I in Tampa. 132 more words

New Dad

Cleaning out your closet. 

Dear Lil’ Dude,

Cleaning out your closet today! Thought you may find the Facebook post funny someday.



Milton- your monkey 

Hey kiddo- picked you up a little friend today. I noticed this little fellar as mom and I were out shopping.

I looked at him, we locked eyes. 33 more words

Dads at the Baby Store! 

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