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Fatherhood: What My Husband Has Learned

For this piece, I consulted with my expert, my husband and father to my daughter, Nikki. As we chase our 14-month old around our place all day long, we manage to chit chat about what he has learned since becoming a father. 1,057 more words

They told me

They told me, you know.

They told me pregnancy would be tough.
I didn’t quite realise how true that was until I was walking (or waddling) that walk. 1,106 more words


He's found it

Well he is certainly now on his way to becoming a boy. This week he discovered his man bit.

Of course he has touched it before, but previously he has never taken any further notice of it, just another thing, but this time was different. 640 more words

Faking at being a craft mum

Ugh, I cant craft to save myself… The space group that we went to had weekly crafts which kind of got me started. I mean, I figure that kids toys are so expensive, if you can make a couple things they’ll have a bit of variety and it won’t mean re-mortgaging the house! 642 more words


Get the warm water and towels, the baby's coming this month.

It’s October already and that means that the little dude is scheduled to make his debut appearance this month. THIS MONTH!!!!

I have to admit to being very excited. 979 more words


Here comes the sun

The summer is fast approaching and Harrison is fast growing. This means that Lis and I have to look at all his clothes from last summer and realise he is far too big for them all so another round of shopping is in order. 723 more words

Cloth wipes

Ok.. My final post about cloth nappies. For now anyway!! Choosing cloth nappies meant I naturally chose cloth wipes too, so here’s a little bit about what I do… 393 more words