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What on earth is going on???

Well I can’t sugar coat it, this week has been an absolute shocker.

Without warning, much like a Segway running over Usain Bolt, for the past 5 nights Harrison has been waking up in the middle of the night and not settling for on average 2 hours! 647 more words

If you’re worried about whether you're a good parent, you probably are one

A Facebook friend recently posted about an incident that happened after dropping her daughter off at school. On her way home she found a one-year-old playing in a busy street without an adult in sight. 680 more words


When your worst nightmare comes true...

My son is stronger than me. As I type this I’m looking at him sitting on his mother’s lap giving me his signature toothless smile while half his face is covered in bandages and an unfamiliar medical scent emanating from the little part of his scalp that’s exposed. 556 more words

It's A Chicken Bone!

Sunday. I’ve gotten tired and bored processing photos of last night’s debut coverage. My eyes are getting heavier yet my body tells me to do more. 152 more words

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The small things are huge

We are a day out from another milestone: 15 months of Harrison.

I am really not one for remembering dates (remembering anything really). There are a couple of dates that are important for me but I certainly don’t celebrate minor things. 681 more words

Cleaning Up The Closet

August 14, 2015

I have the habit of taking a peek of my wife at the other room every time I come home from work. This time, she’s cleaning up the closet. 43 more words

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The Red Boots Riding Ryne

August 14, 2015

And I got this conversation with Ryne over her red boots.

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