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Potty trained (that was easy)

I am blessed.

I am blessed.

I am blessed. I have to remind myself of that sometimes when being a parent is at its most challenging (and believe me, there have been MANY of those moments recently(that is for another post)). 549 more words

New Dad


It’s amazing to think back at how small Skyler was…

She’s grown so fast, and at 9 months the transformation that takes place in front of your eyes in unbelievably quick! 60 more words


Was I too young?

About a week before Zuwa was born I met a family friend out and about. She’s an older lady and parent herself. We usually get along well enough, based on a few common interests, but I wouldn’t exactly call her an aunt or the person I’d run to when in need of advice. 512 more words

Please can you roll me over, thank you.

Our daughter, like her mother, talks in her sleep. Though not actual words yet, she still makes many noises as she sleeps. All which are picked up by the monitor at an audible level that we can hear over the television. 159 more words


Tough(ish) times

I’m officially exhausted. A lot has happened in the past week. Some good, some bad, some even a little terrifying but you live and you learn. 391 more words

Listen to your grandparents, they know their sh!t

Parents will tell you things as you grow up that as their child you decide not to listen to. Wisdom, as they call it, but wisdom that goes in one ear and comes out the other side a blur of words and letters. 754 more words



My sweet little Princess Annabelle,

Everyday is a day closer to having you in my arms, and everyday still I’m consistently thinking about you. You have become my world, my love, my reason for being. 217 more words

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