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Beautiful tears/ Beautiful moments

I remember perfectly the moment in the birthing suite when doctor handed Lexi to M. She was almost a maroon/purple colour and covered in what we fondly nicknamed “cottage cheese”. 496 more words


Survival Tips for First-Time-Dads

First-time-dads, I have some survival tips for you. You may be aware that a new baby means changes in your life but, as the saying goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” 1,505 more words


Deep thoughts by Jamie - cookies 

Your mom is currently baking cookies in the kitchen. She has suddenly started mumbling to you in her tummy a couple of times. But just now I realized she was mumbling at me. 43 more words

New Dad

Deep Thoughts with Jamie 

A few minutes ago I asked what your mom was thinking about. She said:

“If we didn’t live in Florida, we would have to buy a lot more baby clothes in winter.”

New Dad

The Ghost in the Present

I have come along way as a human, adult, friend, mentor, and parent. I am grateful for the people in my life that are unconditional in their support and understanding of how my core household is made up. 750 more words


Your Adventure Nursery! 

Hey little Dude! Here is a sneak peak of your bedrooms progress. You still won’t be here for another 13 weeks, but check this out!

New Dad

Childhood and the Art of Adventure

Is it normal to have lived for 40 full years and not be sure if you’ve led an interesting life? When I tell the highlights of my years so far, they… 2,603 more words