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Babies Big Adventure! 

Dear Baby Boy,

What a day! We have taken you all over the Tampa Bay Area today.. all in a pursuit of building you the perfect little nursery. 742 more words

New Dad

Your mom and dads crazy Friday night out. 

Mom and I decided to go big tonight. You’ll be here in 4 months, and we have about 17 Friday nights until our little miracle, (you), arrives. 62 more words

New Dad

Little dude 

You are doing great! 20 weeks and 3 days today and we are at our Doctors appointment. I’m sitting in the examination room now. Mom just said “it’s gonna be so crazy to have a little baby at home. 86 more words

New Dad

Your first bedtime story 

Hello Lil’ Man,

You are 20 weeks and 1 day as of today, halfway to being born! You are the size of a banana, and weigh about 8.5 ounces according to the websites we read. 251 more words

New Dad

Date night 

Hey kiddo- took your beautiful mom (and you) out to Maggianos for dinner tonight.

We are halfway tomorrow! Starting week 21!

Here is your mom tonight.

New Dad

Priorities. Save this one. 

Good morning little dude,

Time is a crazy concept. Work is a crazy concept. While we are on the subject stoplights, slow drivers, waiting at deli counters, presidential election campaigns, boarding in zones on airplane flights, time zones, and getting the same amount of paid time off for Presidents Day as you do for Christmas are all crazy concepts. 365 more words

New Dad

Moms working on your bedroom. 

It’s Sunday. Moms making a window treatment for your bedroom window. She is staining a piece of wood, then we are going to add hooks and mount it above your window to hang your curtains. 85 more words

New Dad