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Travel: The Viking Ethos

Part of a Viking’s life was to travel, explore, pillage and conquer.  Thankfully, my role in my job only requires a financial pillaging, something well respected in the trade of business development and sales.  67 more words

New Dad

What it's REALLY like having a newborn

I’m such a calm first time mum, so this is a really hard blog post for me to write. I know when to worry and what to worry about. 443 more words


My Daughter Speaks My Name

Today, something truly amazing happened. My 11 m.o. daughter, Nitara, had been mumbling a lot since many weeks, in a language that only she understood. The only two words she could speak clearly were ‘Papa’ and ‘Baby’. 251 more words


Baby, Mommy Leave For A Long Holiday

The past few weeks have been particularly tough for us. I’ve been busy like hell at work and have had no time even to respond to texts from friends and family while in office. 399 more words


On Gratitude

This holiday season I am thinking and reflecting on gratitude.

As I write this I am sitting next to my son, who had been sick with a fever, and reminded that having a child is the most amazing blessing of all. 181 more words

New Dad

Tales from a New Dad| The Story of … Terer and Austin


 A Nairobi based Advocate and Rugby Player with Nakuru Rugby Football Club shares his story on being dad to Austin.

Q. I’m dad to… 689 more words


Our Little Agent of Chaos

At around 8 months, our daughter underwent a new kind of development, and it happened when we least expected it to. Over the past few days, she had started to crawl around the home, touching everything, pulling on wires, trying to grab our Apple TV but then dropping it to the floor. 429 more words