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Random thought of the day - has my daughter gained new super powers?

So our little one is now almost four months old and boy has it dragged. In a good way of course, apart from all the vomiting and the middle of the night cries, these four months have been great. 442 more words

Baby Girl

Ginger Nuts, Cats And Smells

This morning I was awakened at about 7am by the sound of the quiet, careful crunching of biscuits in bed. Like a sneaky toddler having sweets for breakfast, Sian has taken to fighting morning sickness with the occasional McVities Ginger Nut biscuit. 655 more words


Things they don't tell you at Parent School - sleeping babies are a myth, and still then they "regress"

….Ok so I admit there isn’t a Parent a School. I’ve reached the conclusion that this is because it isn’t until you actually have a kid that all the privations and difficulties would seem worthwhile – a school that told you about them beforehand would simply mean no-one in their right mind would actually have children, and so the world would be populated solely as the result of drunken one-night stands. 202 more words

April 1st, 2015

This day is more than April Fool’s day for us. We experienced the birth of our children on this day.  Sure it’s well known around the world for a day of pranks.   51 more words

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From Boob to Bottle: A Dad's view

“It is our knowledge — the things we are sure of — that makes the world go wrong and keeps us from seeing and learning.”

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Wedding invite - no children allowed.

So we got invited to my wife’s cousins wedding and the invite was for me, my wife and the bump (she hadn’t been born when the invites were sent out, nor had a name been chosen), which we happily accepted. 426 more words

Baby Girl

Up all night and other things that don't mean what the used to.

The English language is a confusing language to get your head around, let alone trying to learn a foreign language, with rules to follow left right and center. 633 more words

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