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After Vacation...Back to Reality

As much fun as all my adventuring looked it took quite a toll. Compared to Canada where I had no worries, I didn’t over exert myself, I took naps everyday and all the relaxation resulted in hardly any head pain at all. 745 more words


After much deliberation, I decided to get a pair of glasses specifically designed for migraine sufferers. And I got them today 😀. I could have definitely used them over the passed 72 hours during one of the worst migraine I have had. 95 more words

Life crisis at 21.

I have recently been in the mist of a life crisis at aged 21, the trigger being having had to drop out of college and realising that my dream of going to university was just not going to happen because of the pain. 549 more words

Chronic Pain


I have a tendency to head towards the darkness, to see the negative side of everything. I get to a good place and the slightest little thing will send me spiraling down into the darkness again, and once I have started heading that way I have difficulty trying to escape. 146 more words

Chronic Pain

Conflicting emotions.

Been having a tough time recently with everything – writing has kind of taken a back burner in my misery. It’s hard at home at the minute as well because I have such conflicting emotions. 202 more words

Chronic Pain

Trapped with no escape button.

I have been absent again; sorry for that but at the minute I am having a hard time to do anything or keep up with anything. 402 more words

Chronic Pain

There Is No Cure For Migraine At This Time - Beware of False Claims

How many of you migraineurs out there are in search of better control over your migraines or better yet a cure? I’m sure all of your hands are raised. 233 more words