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@Kady's Watchlist for Sept. 28: One Young World Summit set to descend on Parliament Hill

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to get an early start to what his public itinerary indicates may be a fair-to-middlingly busy day by dropping in on the inaugural meeting of the… 596 more words


NDP proposes interest-free student loans

With many students buried underneath a pile of debt, Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath doesn’t feel the province should be profiting from their financial burden by charging interest on student loans. 493 more words

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Nelson: Let's blow the Heritage Fund on an oil refinery

“Never read the comments,” is wise advice for anyone who dares write or post anything, anywhere, in this world of social media pile-on.

But it’s a case of do as I say and not as I do, as perversely, I sort of enjoy the different ways people will either boil me in oil, or conversely, have an even worse fate in mind by urging a run for public office. 598 more words


Panda and Aheer: Effort to win social license has been a failure

By Prasad Panda and Leela Sharon Aheer

For years, activists, politicians and pundits have undermined the independence of our National Energy Board – despite it being recognized globally as one of the most scientific and exhaustive regulatory agencies in the world for approving new energy projects. 704 more words


Editorial: Carbon tax questions need answers (with poll)

The NDP didn’t mention during last year’s election campaign that it would implement a carbon tax, so it’s surprising Environment Minister Shannon Phillips is so strident in defending the government’s controversial levy. 520 more words


Alberta NDP asks supporters to sign pro-gay-straight alliance petition

The Alberta NDP have created an online petition soliciting the names of people who support LGBTQ students’ rights to be safe in school.

The poll comes as Alberta’s Education minister and two Edmonton-area Baptist private schools… 540 more words

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Alberta democratic reform committee, beset by infighting, faces the scrap heap

EDMONTON — Alberta’s government house leader is accusing opposition members of deliberately derailing the work of a flagship committee on democratic reform.

Brian Mason also left open the possibility the all-party legislature committee could be left on the scrap heap when its mandate expires next week. 544 more words