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Andrew Coyne on Mulcair's amazing vow: Could the party of spending really balance the budget in year one?

Three things to bear in mind as you listen to what the parties are telling you about the economy and their respective plans to “fix” it. 1,016 more words

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When the prime minister comes for a visit, you need to move the furniture

When the prime minister says he’s going to drop over, how do you prepare? Well, if you’re Damian Konstantinakos, the Conservative candidate for Ottawa Centre, you do a quick house clean, pick up the kids’ toys, and shove the living room furniture around a bit. 369 more words

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Mulcair pledges a national action plan to end violence against women and more funding for shelters

SASKATOON — NDP Leader Tom Mulcair unveiled new measures Monday aimed at curbing violence against aboriginal women as he promised to undo what he called an “underlying attitude of racism” that he says has prevented a national inquiry into the issue. 344 more words


Liberals fail smell test on progressive policy

Having slowly but surely plummeted to third place in the polls, the new Liberal spin is to assert that their platform is more progressive than the New Democratic platform. 409 more words

Partisan posturing won't get Fahmy released, and other reasons to fear for humanity

1. Six-month-old news, today

Today’s big campaign question: Was Canada in a recession six months ago? Could anything be more pertinent? Was it raining last April? 728 more words

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Klassen: Notley's government is removed from reality

There’s something in the air in Calgary. Instead of the big blue sky, a blanket of particle fog just hangs there. The city looks like how it feels at the moment, the setting of a movie scene before aliens land and eat up all the people. 660 more words


Harper should take a break from campaign to help jailed Canadian Fahmy: NDP, Liberals

Stephen Harper’s political opponents are calling on the prime minister to take time off the campaign trail and concentrate on securing the release of jailed Canadian journalist Mohammed Fahmy. 371 more words

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