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NDP leadership candidates call for a return to party's roots

In the minds of many of its followers, the NDP lost its way in the last federal election — and paid the price. Many blamed leader Thomas Mulcair for advocating centrist policies like balancing the budget without rising taxes, allowing Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to outflank them on the left by promising to run up deficits and increase social spending. 604 more words

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Wall's 10th budget could help shape premier's legacy

In releasing its 10th budget this week, Premier Brad Wall’s Sask. Party is aiming to fortify a feeling entrenched in the fabric of many Saskatchewan people: that Wall is a sound manager of the economy. 486 more words


As corporations get tax breaks, many wondering why consumers are paying more

Saskatchewan’s Finance Minister Kevin Doherty is defending the Sask. Party government’s decision to reduce corporate income taxes in the 2017-18 budget.

Corporate income tax rates are scheduled to be dropping from 12 per cent to 11 per cent by 2019. 508 more words

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As Saskatchewan ponders sales tax hikes, Alberta charts a different course

In a video designed to prime people for a rough budget Wednesday, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall couldn’t resist a shot across the border.

He warned that resource revenues have fallen dramatically and that, to fill the hole in the province’s balance sheet, there will be cuts and changes to the tax system. 465 more words

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'Hope should not be a strategy': Alberta's business community slams NDP's big-debt budget

CALGARY – Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci heard pointed criticism of his government’s $10.3-billion budget deficit and rapidly rising debt levels Monday as he tried to allay the business community’s concerns about the province’s fiscal plan at a Calgary Chamber of Commerce breakfast. 609 more words


Nelson: Alberta government makes mess of death and taxes

Ben Franklin must be doing the old 360-degree roll in his final Philadelphia resting place at the latest muddle our provincial government has dragged us into. 653 more words


Editorial: No end to the red ink

The NDP didn’t disappoint with Thursday’s budget.

Finance Minister Joe Ceci had said the government would continue to act as a shock absorber — which means it will keep spending borrowed money with abandon. 422 more words