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Alberta's new essential services commissioner has strong NDP ties

The Wildrose party raised objections Friday after the Notley government appointed a veteran Edmonton labour lawyer with strong NDP ties to be Alberta’s first essential services commissioner. 862 more words

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Successive governments refuse to learn from history

So Saskatchewan health regions are dealing with uncertainty? (Leader-Post, May 19). What about the patients? Again, they are ignored and we are fobbed off with another bit of jargon. 226 more words


Editorial: Carbon tax costs climb

It is becoming more evident that the NDP’s provincial carbon tax is destined to be a boondoggle of epic proportions.

The Rachel Notley government introduced its new climate legislation Tuesday, and far from allaying fears about the tax, it raises more concerns. 405 more words


Tom Parkin: ‘Sunny ways’ Trudeau more power mad than Harper

Got a dictionary? Look up the word “hubris.” Is Justin Trudeau’s picture beside it?

Last week he tried giving himself more power than Stephen Harper. He then blew it with an arrogant outburst of elbowing, grabbing and swearing. 568 more words


Banks: Here are the best ways to help trans rights in Canada

Like most trans folks in Canada, I was eagerly waiting for the Liberal government to announce the details of Bill C-16, the federal trans rights bill tabled on May 17. 661 more words


Chapin: Parliament is still an alpha male's show — and Trudeau reminded us of that

This week, a House of Commons vote turned into a nerdy spoof on a WWE show. Political Smackdown! Every Wednesday on CPAC! Yes, I’m talking about #elbowgate, featuring an impatient Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marching across the floor to drag a stalling Tory whip to his seat, elbowing NDP member of Parliament Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the process. 639 more words


Ruth Ellen Brosseau: 'Do I have justify how hard I was hit in the breast?'

By Kristy Kirkup

OTTAWA — Ruth Ellen Brosseau says she has faced personal attacks since she was elbowed in the House of Commons by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, including that she should be “ashamed to be a woman” and that she is “not a feminist.” 713 more words