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House board wants satellite offices case heard quickly

The House of Commons board that monitors MP spending will ask the Federal Court to fast-track a case launched by a group of NDP MPs after they were told to pay back $2.7 million over the satellite office scandal. 482 more words


Braid: After two days on the job, the first rookie minister faces the fire

Now they’re at it, full speed, plunged into the massive organizing challenges of government, and the real problems outside. This will not cease until NDP politicians lose, retire, or croak on the job. 683 more words

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Full Pundit: Ottawa, a capital without shame

Look who’s championing democracy
In a piece in the National Post that’s either hilariously tone-deaf or remarkably ballsy — pick one — Senator David Wells… 715 more words

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Kelly McParland: Mad Men meets Rachel Notley as NDP yearns to buy the world a Coke

Every time I see another article about the surge of the NDP, I get a mental picture of the closing scene from the finale episode of… 867 more words

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Not your father's swearing-in ceremony: Popsicles, a folk band and an NDP government


The contrast could not have been more stark: the swearing-in ceremony is traditionally a stuffy, solemn affair.

Premiers in Alberta used to take their oaths in front of audiences of media, insiders and power-brokers. 1,395 more words


NDP promise to roll back market modifier tuition hike

Students and post-secondary institutions remain at odds over the Alberta NDP’s campaign promise to freeze tuition and roll back special hikes approved by the Tory government late last year. 547 more words

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King: Don't be too quick to dismiss NDP caucus's ability

By David King

As Alberta’s government changes hands for the first time in almost 44 years, some commentators are provoking “the anticipation of regret,” with suggestions that the new government caucus doesn’t have what it takes to provide good government. 712 more words