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Ontario PCs close in on majority territory as Wynne's support continues to plummet, poll says

With more than a year to go before the next election, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has a lot of work to do to win back voters, an exclusive new poll conducted for Postmedia suggests. 404 more words


Province eyes developing integrated domestic violence strategy

Saskatchewan hopes to follow the lead of other provinces and develop its own integrated provincial strategy on domestic violence.

The province currently doesn’t have an overarching strategy; Minister of Justice Gordon Wyant said Thursday he’s asked the ministry to begin looking at that by consulting organizations that support women and children who have been victims of interpersonal violence. 329 more words

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Nelson: Opposition is giving NDP government an easy ride in Alberta

The best opposition politician in Alberta right now is Rachel Notley.

Her recent speech to the adoring NDP faithful at the University of Calgary, in which she savaged the parties trying to line up against her bunch of rascals, was the best bit of political grandstanding seen in many a month. 629 more words


Premier Roy Romanow's impact extends far beyond Saskatchewan's borders

Roy Romanow is among this province’s most influential politicians whose impact has sent ripples through the entire country.

After replacing Allan Blakeney as leader of the Saskatchewan New Democrats in 1987, Romanow was elected premier in 1991. 256 more words


Let the games begin: Peter Julian first to officially, definitely, join the NDP leadership race

OTTAWA — After seven months of waiting, the federal New Democrats scored their first leadership candidate: Peter Julian, who had already technically registered as a candidate, finally committed to his leadership bid Sunday afternoon. 558 more words


Notley criticizes conservative leaders during NDP Provincial Council meeting

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley took aim at small-c conservative leaders she says “will do anything to score cheap, political points,” as she rallied supporters in Calgary Saturday. 575 more words

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Michael Den Tandt: The NDP's headlong rush to irrelevance

Not so long ago, Thomas Mulcair’s New Democrats campaigned on a broadly centrist platform, buttressed by a common-sense pledge: A federal NDP government would provide responsible, competent public administration. 814 more words

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