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Your letters for Saturday, April 30

Let Nenshi speak his mind

Re: “Mayor urged to ‘clear up’ issue over Uber security screening,” April 27.

I voted for a mayor who has a mind of his own and is not a mouthpiece for any clandestine organization. 629 more words


Milke: What would Machiavelli say about Notley and her top adviser?

By Mark Milke

Five centuries ago, the Renaissance Italian philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli wrote of how advisers were of “no small importance.”

In The Prince, a how-to guide for rulers who wished to keep their thrones, Machiavelli mused that such advice givers — secretaries as they were then called — mattered: Lousy or disloyal advisers could cost a ruler not only his power, but his head. 615 more words


Tories want list of private companies that received $2.36B in corporate welfare from Ontario Liberals

TORONTO – Ontario’s Liberal government is under increasing pressure to release a complete list of private companies that were given billions of dollars in grants and loans. 720 more words


New Democratic Party faces challenge to stay relevant six months after trouncing

Justin Trudeau was sworn in as prime minister on November 4, with vows of sweeping change and country-wide renewal. But after half a year in office, how well are the opposition parties operating under a Liberal government? 338 more words


Brown-John: NDP assured of dismal future

By Lloyd Brown-John

On August 2, 2015, the day former PM Stephen Harper announced launch of his federal re-election campaign I not only predicted that election’s outcome but made my prediction public (twice) in radio interviews. 625 more words


Jen Gerson: Alberta needs to suck it up and adopt a sales tax if it doesn't want to be dependent on oil royalties

There is a problem with Alberta’s budget.

It is a very obvious problem — a gap between revenue and spending — with a very straightforward solution. 1,038 more words

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MacPherson: More snakes than ladders for fading, flailing New Democrats

It was not long ago that New Democrats were very nearly on top of the world, or at least of the country.

In Ottawa, the Harper government was fading and the NDP almost automatically ascendant as official Opposition and government in waiting. 640 more words