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New blog design 

This isn’t somtehing crazy but quiet exciting for me. I changed my theme, I went from Canape to Button 2 and I am loving my blog so much more. 337 more words


Happy first day of summer!

OMG I´m back home and it´s actually not that bad (liar, liar, pants on fire). Don´t get me wrong, I love Iceland and everything in it but can you seriously stop this constant heavy wind and decide for a moment if it´s going to be raining, snowing, blowing or something else!   88 more words


Happy Easter

Happy Easter everybody!

I´m really loving this pattern.  I had to change the design of the baby sweater because couldn’t stop making the pattern. It’s even pretty the WS as you can see in the picture… 95 more words


Oar inspiring

‘Briefcase’ feature from New Design 125 exploring LA Design’s development of the Float Rower, an innovative training aid for rowers.

Reaching the top in any given sport requires hard work, determination, and a good dose of talent. 862 more words

New Design

Reality bites!

Greetings from Riga!!! What I was hoping for was this: “I´m totally loving the warm summer breeze here and I think I will be spending my time here mostly out on the patio with my april project (don´t tell my family yet though)”…… But reality is: … 68 more words