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★★★ Love, Language and Law: New Writing about Freedom of Speech

Charlotte Pegram reviews Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons at Summerhall, Edinburgh

We’re often told that we take our freedom of speech for granted, but Sam Steiner takes this idea to an extreme in his debut play… 339 more words


Interview: Oli Forsyth and Smoke & Oakum Theatre

Vault Festival always produces exciting, innovative and though-provoking work and 2017 was no exception. Top of my list this year was Kings, a witty, insightful show that throws a spotlight on a group of individuals we are all too happy to forget about in society. 1,646 more words


★★★ A Life-Affirming Journey from Illness to Recovery: Getting Better Slowly

There is much to admire in this personal story which traces the performer’s journey from debilitating illness through to recovery.

Adam Pownall fell ill with Guillain-Barré syndrome (or locked in syndrome) back in 2009. 458 more words


★★★ In Our Hands: Charming Puppetry and Visual Flair

Smoking Apples produce theatre that combines puppetry and visual imagery, and are known for their unconventional choice of subject matter.

In their latest production they tackle the fishing industry, showing the problems faced by small independent fisheries. 430 more words