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'Down & Out in Paris and London' New Diorama Trailer

Time for another Edinburgh Fringe hit to come to London with Down & Out in Paris and London opening at New Diorama on April 19. 138 more words


"A kingdom for a horse": Richard III at New Diorama Theatre

Some theatre engages you intellectually, some theatre hits you emotionally, and some theatre grabs you by the throat and immerses you in the action so thoroughly that you forget you’re in a theatre. 858 more words

Richard III, New Diorama Theatre

There are plenty of shape-shifters in Shakespeare, but few as sinister as Richard of Gloucester. In The Faction’s characteristically stripped-back production, the play’s world of secret plots and political machinations also shifts shape around its scheming protagonist, its performers moulding themselves around the text. 624 more words


Do We Do the Right Thing?, everything theatre

“…Having read the programme whilst waiting to enter the theatre, I looked out for the actors’ earpieces.

“This performance relies on a form of verbatim theatre called, “recorded delivery.” The programme explains this is when, “recordings of the actual interview are played to the actors in earpieces on stage during the performance. 173 more words

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