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Flowers 2018

Dara continues her artistic exploration of flowers by creating an imaginative reinterpretation of the theme – in front of a sublime background of liquid and tender colors Dara‘s flowers appear in a more evasive shape than ever. 100 more words

Reflections of a long time comic book fan.

I first started reading comic books when I was old enough to read back in the dark ages of the sixties. My first recollection of owning my very first comic book was when my Dad took me to the paper shop on the corner near where we lived, can’t remember what for but I came back with an issue of the Flash. 1,136 more words

Great books

Some select items from today’s upload! Again, spanning the world and ideas. Poetry, prose, essays.

Literature In Translation

César Aira Returns to His Youthful Obsessions in ‘The Linden Tree’

Few writers conduct more electricity in their language than César Aira. In his slim, newly translated fictional memoir, The Linden Tree, Aira is at his best — full of conversational energy and nonstop whimsy. 668 more words


Love's Journal #122

Balance! Today started out simple enough. The night ended with tears, so, so many tears.

“Aww Funny. I hate to hear you cry. It’s going to be okay. 519 more words


Participatory Art

This week I want to discuss ‘Participatory Art’ and the new narrative possibilities that it presents. A presentation given by my peers on this subject dove into the history of Participatory Art and linked contemporary work across various participatory media; be it live art, online collaborative documentary or ‘polyvocal’ participatory documentary. 610 more words


Where is baltimoreblackwoman? Updates - UPDATED Post

As surely as Winter has turned to Spring and back to Winter again in the space of days, baltimoreblackwoman has been shapeshifting lately!

It’s hard enough to keep up with all the changes in the world (the revolving door at Trump Land; war and rumors of war;  the rift that is physically splitting the African continent in two), much less keeping up with all the ideas and plans I’ve had for this page. 219 more words