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Why Is My Partner Abusive?

“Why is my partner abusing me?”

Over the years, staff members at New Directions have frequently heard victims of domestic and intimate partner violence ask this question. 725 more words

Domestic Violence Prevention

Must-Have Conversations With Your Child (Part Two)

After publishing my discussion of Must-Have Conversations With Your Child last week, I felt one key topic was missing from the conversation: child sexual abuse. Learning about ways to prevent their children from being sexually abused is certainly something that interests all parents, including survivors of domestic, intimate partner, and/or sexual violence. 876 more words

Domestic Violence Prevention

Penworthy Steps Forward

In an effort to revitalize our outreach to authors, we’ve created a Facebook page — also called Penworthy Press — and will be posting all sorts of encouraging articles and useful information for our fellow writers and artists. Join us!

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Greetings Pebble followers! I know I have been MIA for a while, but it’s because I’ve been working on a new project — a new blog! 79 more words

The Life Of A Pebble

Must-Have Conversations With Your Child

When I think about the children of domestic violence victims whom New Directions has served, I worry about their well-being and wonder if they will experience abusive relationships when they grow up. 1,078 more words

Domestic Violence Prevention

5 Things Abusers Don't Want You to Know

Abuse occurs when a batterer attempts to maintain power and control over his or her victim. This fact has been clear to me since week one of my internship at New Directions, as staff members immediately began to teach me about domestic, intimate partner, and sexual violence. 882 more words

Domestic Violence Prevention

Untitled, completed on June 22, 2015

This latest creation by Dara is a tribute to the summer solstice that recently took place. It looks like a nostalgic pop-art/cartoon-style view on the cosmic scenarios in early Science-Fiction movies made by Georges Méliès. 9 more words