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How to make hand signals for driving

You will be asked to show what the hand signals are during the pre-trip check portion of your ICBC road test. The pre-trip check is done before you head out on to the road at the beginning of your road test. 275 more words

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How to judge a safe gap when driving

This week we will be discussing what is a “gap” in traffic and when it is a safe gap. When you read the ICBC text book or when you speak with a… 244 more words

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How to properly and safely open the driver side door

I often get laughs or weird looks when I ask my student to open their door…but it’s not a trick question. There is a purpose to asking you to open your door safely. 197 more words

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How to pull over and park the car

During your road test, there is a portion where the examiner will ask you to pull over and park. This will be asked of you… 593 more words

New Drivers

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

Whether you’re just getting ready to hit the road or have been driving for months―or even years―take some time to review these 8 safe driving tips. 494 more words

How to drive in a roundabout

Roundabouts are typically larger than the traffic circles you might find in residential or small streets. They may contain more than one lane—perfect examples are the two located near UBC. 366 more words

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Traffic circles: What are they for, and how to navigate them

Traffic circles are typically found in residential neighborhoods and/or small streets. The purpose of traffic circles in intersections is to slow down traffic without using… 226 more words

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