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What is the TPPA, according to the Americans

Statement by the President on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

October 5, 2015

“I’ve spent every day of my presidency fighting to grow our economy and strengthen our middle class. 925 more words



Do we know exactly where we’re now economically? Any comprehensive stock-taking?

Admittedly we’re not at ground zero but do we know where we’re exactly vis-a-vis non Malays in all economic spheres? 167 more words

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Impian Ekonomi Berpendapatan Tinggi Menuntut Plan B?

1. Cabaran utk mencapai tahap ekonomi berpendapatan tinggi pd thn 2020 @ GNI Per Kapita = $15,000 semakin mencabar/sukar klu lanskap ekonomi skrng terus kekal dlm jangka masa sederhana. 125 more words

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RMK11: Merancang Untuk Gagal?

Ringkasan Eksekutif

a) RMK11 merupakan iltizam untuk mencapai Wawasan 2020, khususnya taraf ekonomi berpendapatan tinggi berdasarkan GNI Per Kapita, peperangan untuk menghapuskan jurang kekayaan dan perjuangan untuk survival. 5,714 more words

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Kejayaan GTP/ETP untuk siapa?‏

Dato Seri Idris Jala Menjawab Tuduhan Ke Atas Malaysia dengan Mengemukakan Bukti-bukti Betapa Kukuhnya Perkembangan Ekonomi Negara. Wajib tonton “TAKLIMAT KHAS :” SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT” ” on YouTube –  263 more words

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A forgotten and broken promise?:

“A fair distribution must encompass the whole spectrum of measuring wealth such as equity ownership, other financial and non-financial assets, and access to wealth creating opportunities such as long term concessions and contracts. 5,265 more words


1MDB is confirmed to be in bad shape; will be dismantled by MOF

So it is confirmed that 1MDB is in trouble. Otherwise, why would the Ministry of Finance decided to wind-down 1MDB in the effort to lessen the massive debts it has stupidly acquired for the past 6 years? 508 more words

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