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Teltschik, Seehofer Insist Dialogue with Russia Is Indispensable

In an interview with Russia’s Sputnik Deutschland, Horst Teltschik, former head of the chancellor’s office in Germany, said that “Europeans and Americans have for too long rejected talking to President Putin about Syria.”  There are differing views, Teltschik said, but there should have been discussion with Putin about how a peace regulation might be possible.  351 more words


A Unique and Unprecedented Turning-Point in Human History

We are standing at a unique and unprecedented turning-point in history; not in the current decades or the past few years, but in fact history has moved into a new phase in the past several days.  1,254 more words


Lavrov Addresses Two Systems Before the World: Geopolitics or Nations Joining Together To Face Common Challenges

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov opened his annual year-in-review press conference Thursday, transmitted live in Russian, French, and English, with a theme which ran throughout the conference: there are “two conflicting approaches” in the intensifying “global rivalry” over the shape of a new international system. 498 more words


'One Step More, and We Lose Our Humanity'

The warning, “One step more, and we lose our humanity,” was a powerful focus in the presentation by Helga Zepp-LaRouche Jan. 26, at the National Press Club forum in Washington, D.C., hosted by… 355 more words


Xi Jinping Offers Win-Win Collaboration to Arab League through the One Belt-One Road

Speaking to the Arab League Thursday in Cairo following his historic visits to Tehran, Riyadh, and Cairo, Chinese President Xi Jinping presented an offer of peace and development, accompanied with specific aid, investments, loans, and joint projects that total more than $55 billion to the region, including the Palestinians.  1,316 more words


China and Russia Lead Growth; Obama and Wall Street Lead Death-Spiral

As Obama continues to improve his kill rates—from Flint, to Puerto Rico, to the overall national demographic death rates—it’s important to keep in mind “how the other half lives,” i.e., that half of humanity that is not enslaved to the British Empire, and is instead progressing under China-led BRICS economic policies. 1,203 more words


Teaser: U.S. Must Join the Silk Road

The political, economic and cultural chaos engulfing the United States and its people can be reversed, and LPAC has the blueprint. As we layout in our latest electronic pamphlet, … 98 more words

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