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Duterte in China—A Revolutionary Transformation

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has completed a dramatic revolution in his nation’s role in the world during his current visit to China. In very clear language, he has renounced the Philippines’ previous subservience to Washington, established a new relationship with China and Xi Jinping’s Silk Road process, and put in place extensive cooperation with China, and potentially also Russia, in both economic and strategic matters. 317 more words


Philippines: Join AIIB, Dump PPP's & Go Public

Philippine Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III told the Inquirer last week, published Monday, that the Duterte Administration has called on the Senate to ratify the country’s membership in the Chinese-initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) this week, before Duterte’s trip to China at the end of the week. 304 more words


World Bank President: 'Without China, We'd Have No Chance To Even Think about Ending Extreme Poverty'

In what may well have been the only sane public comment uttered by participants in the just-concluded Oct. 7-9 IMF/World Bank meeting in Washington, D.C., World Bank President Jim Yong Kim responded as follows to a journalist’s question about the role of China in achieving the stated goal of ending extreme poverty by the year 2030: 185 more words


Economics Isn’t About Money

by Jason Ross

Americans are deeply confused about economics, and this must be corrected. Many think economics is about money. It isn’t. Others say it is about allocation of resources. 1,075 more words


President Xi Introduces 'Hangzhou Consensus" to the International Press

Speaking at a press conference at the conclusion of the exciting Hangzhou G20 Summit, President Xi presented what he labeled the “Hangzhou Consensus,” by means of which China has effectively shifted the policy orientation of the G20 from that of a crisis-response “talk shop,” into an instrument that can provide a “new path of economic development” for the world based on a push for scientific and technological innovation. 509 more words


Neo-Con Realist Calls for U.S. Cooperation on China's Belt and Road Policy

An interesting article in the September-October issue of Foreign Affairs, the publication of the Council on Foreign Relations, chides the U.S. government for attempting to ignore the Chinese One Belt, One Road Initiative. 592 more words


How to Unleash Mankind's Productivity: A New Economic Order (including transcript)

Tonight we are joined by a special guest, Paul Gallagher, economics editor for Executive Intelligence Review, who will present the clear and urgent choice which Americans must make to abandon the failed economics of Obama’s near-zero growth policies and decisively join the new economic order being initiated by China. 7,477 more words

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