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Malaysia’s great – and recent – identity crisis

August 16, 2017

Malaysia’s great – and recent – identity crisis

by Zairil Khir Johari


If ever there was a country chronically afflicted by an identity crisis, it would be ours. 977 more words


Malaysia: Return to the Malaysian Village

July 23, 2015

Malaysia: Return to the Malaysian Village

by Tash Aw


Parit is a small town of roughly 2,000 people in the state of Perak, deep in the rural heartland of… 924 more words


Malaysia: Now a Kleptocracy

July 15, 2015

Malaysia: Now a Kleptocracy

by Murray Hunter@www.asiasentinel.com


The Failure of the New Economic Policy–No Political Will to abandon it

During the past 50 years, Malaysia has slipped from economic role model for developing countries to lackluster follower, with structural inefficiencies and deep corruption that have made the economy extremely uncompetitive. 1,732 more words


The New Economic Policy and the Role of NEP Men in the Soviet Union

From 1921-1928, Vladimir Lenin introduced a new financial plan for the Soviet Union that was meant as an answer to the USSR’s financial crisis from centralized farming and collectivization. 340 more words

Najib: Straight A’s Malaysian Prime Minister

Paul Chong / Thursday, 27 November 2014

Najib Abdul Razak

Altantuya – Mongolian Beauty Queen

The magic, romance & sentiment of that ever popular love song “Terang Bulan/Malayan Moon” dissipated the day it was adopted as the National Anthem of Independent Malaysia in 1957. 595 more words

Capitalism and Communism

Karl Marx criticized capitalism.  He said that communism was better.  The following is what Karl Marx has to say about capitalism and communism.  He said that capitalism makes producers produce what the market (the people) wants.   301 more words

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