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Building a New Social Commons

Here’s a fascinating piece by the New Economics Foundation which, whilst it is lengthy, is well worth a read.  It puts together a broad ranging strategic framework for thinking about how society may be refocused away from an emphasis of the individual towards an emphasis of the value of the social in human life:


Reasons For Hope

Central banks should make Green Investment decisions, ‘for the sake of all our futures’

Josh Ryan-Collins, co-founder of the Brixton Pound, is senior economist at the New Economics Foundation, visiting research fellow at Southampton Business School’s Centre for Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development and at London’s City University Political Economy Research Centre. 282 more words

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Marc Stears, New Economics Foundation – an extract

Marc Stears: webmaster@neweconomics.org writes:

We are six weeks away from a general election. Politicians always say elections are important. But this time, their usual talk of “the most important vote for a generation” is absolutely right… 203 more words

New Economics

Scotcoin, Bitcoin, ScotPound, a Scottish central bank?

Mure Dickie in the FT, writing from Glasgow, explains that currency policy became a central issue in Scotland’s 2014 independence referendum.

David Low, chairman of… 481 more words

Banking And Finance

A plan for Britain?

In case you missed the fuller details here is the 12 point plan that Theresa May announced yesterday regarding the UK’s decision to leave the EU – entitled ‘Plan for Britain’. 193 more words

Dartmoor Farming

Another perspective on post Brexit subsidies

As I mentioned yesterday there are two agricultural conferences taking place in Oxford at the moment: the Oxford Farming Conference and the Real Oxford Farming Conference. 275 more words

Turning back to the sea - New Economics Foundation

The Power of Innovation at the Local Level, Hope for the Future of Communities:

Brought to You by My Curated Information Blog, Create & Be Well… 175 more words