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New England Journal of Medicine: Doctor Knows Best! Gun Control for Everyone! - 

Doctors need to stick to practicing medicine and stay away from politics and gun control.

My doctor knows I carry a handgun she does not mention anything about guns to me. 58 more words

Two women go blind in one eye — what not to do while checking your phone in bed

Doctors have identified a new smartphone hazard, albeit an ultimately benign one. They report in the New England Journal of Medicine on the first known cases of “transient smartphone blindness,” temporary vision loss that appears to be harmless. 292 more words


Professional Writing 101: Dealing with Rejection

This is how it goes.

You read, gather background information, do research, and carefully write a manuscript. You put in so many hours or days or weeks that you lose track of how much time you’ve put in—which is a good thing. 895 more words

Personal Reflections

Introduction of peanuts to high at risk infants reduces allergies

A study conducted by the NIAID-funded Immune Tolerance Network (ITN) revealed that the risk of peanut allergies could be substantially reduced through the introduction of peanuts. 305 more words



Ladies and gentlemen considering taking your sex lives to the next level by engaging in anal sex– BEWARE!!!!!

Research has shown that the Zika Virus can be transmitted through anal sex. 135 more words


Dr. Kudenchuk: Study reveals exciting news about cardiac arrest treatment

If you have a heart, we have news for you.

On April 4, the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium published the outcome of the Amio-Lido-Placebo Study in the… 1,029 more words