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Надрасканият деним и скъсаният пуловер

Наскоро KOHENDO, нова марка, навлизаща на българския пазар, се свързаха с мен и ми предложиха да нося техния KOHENDO Neat Denim Hieroglyph модел преди да е излязъл за продажба, и да се снимам с него. 25 more words


Is Fashion Predictable?

Recently, some retro fashions have become popular again. Mom jeans from the 80s, chokers from the 90s, even clunky go-go style boots from the 60s. And there seems to be even more trends making a come back every season. 133 more words


Are you wearing the right bra?

Do you have one bra that you wear every day? Don’t really remember when you bought it or when you last washed it? It’s probably pushing 2 years right about now and I’m here to tell you that it’s time to put it out of its misery and it’s time to find a new bra. 829 more words


3 Items you Need this Fall

Every season, there are it items that any stylish person will have some version of. If you pick the right trends, they have a tendency to stay trendy for at least a few seasons afterwards. 364 more words


Are leggings pants?

This has been the argument since leggings have grown in popularity in the early 2010s. I remember saying ‘ leggings aren’t pants’ at the sight of my peers walking around in semi sheer leggings Sophomore year of high school. 485 more words


The death of magazines & and why it's a good thing

When was the last time you flipped through a magazine? A month ago in the check out lane at the grocery store? Yeah, that seems about right. 375 more words